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An Initiative To Provide Assistance to Women Exiting Abusive Environments

At Thornton Art Initiative for Women Empowerment, we exist to instill self-dignity to those pivoting from the emotional and physical abuse associated with domestic violence while re-entering society successfully. It’s understandable to imagine the lack of self-dignity one must feel even at the end stages of abuse. Our mission is to furnish key resources and meaningful solutions to those who are exiting abusive relationships through our partnership with domestic violence organizations, abuse shelters and the angelic art community.

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800.799.SAFE (7233)

A 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit, Thornton Art Initiative for Women Empowerment, otherwise known as TAIFWE, champions the bridging of the artistic community within the spectrum of abusive environments.

At TAIFWE, we provide resources raised through highly valued donations, contributions, and the purchase of art to benefit those affected by abuse. What makes TAIFWE unique is our partnership with an extended art community inspired by our cause and volunteering their artistic gifts as well as time to nurture lives pivoting from emotional and physical trauma.

The solutions TAIFWE provides are as follows:

  • Financial relief while identifying opportunities to provide meaningful assistance

  • Art-creating session with a featured artist to help those affected by abuse to express themselves and find their voice

  • Art gifting to build self-value after abuse

  • Providing art to shelters and temporary housing to create a sense of belonging and inspiration

  • Artist-inspired one-on-one dialogue to raise human dignity

At Thornton Art Initiative for Women Empowerment, we recognize a specific group as the driving force towards our cause of enrichment. It encompasses the participating and featured artists who have joined forces with us to shine a loving light on someone else’s dark moment in life. “Heart Based Decision Making, Creating Heart Based Solutions” is our mantra within TAIFWE. We hold dear our role in steering essential resources and encourage the creative strength towards those we serve.



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Through meaningful acts of compassion we will advance a platform which champions our participating artists as true heroes. Whether donating a valued piece of artwork or encouraging the creative development of those directly impacted by abuse, all participating artists will be featured in our exclusive website publication and historical record within TAIFWE. We encourage those who learn about and choose to invest in our nonprofit and enrichment initiatives to kindly visit our extended art community through our interactive website at At TAIFWE, we also acknowledge thoughtful supporters like you as our most pivotal asset towards making an impact while serving a community transitioning from abuse. Your kind assistance, caring outreach and sustaining support will go a long way towards healing lives exposed to domestic violence, and we appreciate you joining our cause to soften the trauma sustained from abuse. At TAIFWE, it is our pleasure to offer the support needed to empower strong self-awareness within successful transitions into a new life.

At Thornton Art Initiative for Women Empowerment, we hold value in nurturing creative strength,

To donate or purchase and make an impact now, please visit us at


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