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Praise for Choose To Prevail

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

See what readers and experts are saying about the book.

“Sandy Rodriguez packs a lot of wisdom into her slim book. Reading Choose to Prevail is like having coffee with a kind, insightful and endlessly patient friend.”

Eric Weiner, Author of Several Best-Selling Books, Including The Geography of Bliss and, Most Recently, The Socrates Express: In Search of Life Lessons from Dead Philosophers.

“Sandy’s perspective is honest, fresh and unfiltered. Over 20 years ago, when we met back in Mexico City, she was already a powerful editor at the Reforma newspaper. I was only beginning my career in writing. Out of our professional relationship grew a friendship that lasts to this day. In 2019, after years of not seeing each other in person, we met again. She, an established interpreter, translator and writer in Los Angeles, a mother and a survivor of many experiences that shaped who she is. Me, also a mother and an Editor and Head Writer for People en Español, in New York.

“I am amazed at how Sandy has been able to adapt to her circumstances and make the most out of any opportunity. Her optimism and long-term vision are always intact. Upon reading this book, I not only rediscovered a woman in full command of her talents, full of love for life. I also found a human being ready to connect with others and share the experience garnered. Unafraid to tell her truth, as painful, incredible, or unique as it is. Ready to share her knowledge and empower others. No strings attached.”

—Mayra Mangal, Editor and Head Writer, People en Español Magazine.

“The self-help book we need in these tough times. Witty, realistic, resourceful, surprising and funny. The advice you need to take life on and not look back.”

Juan Meyer, Former Marketing Director at MTV and Discovery Networks; Current CEO of Lifestyle Website En Cinco.