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Praise for Choose To Prevail

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

See what readers and experts are saying about the book.

“Sandy Rodriguez packs a lot of wisdom into her slim book. Reading Choose to Prevail is like having coffee with a kind, insightful and endlessly patient friend.”

Eric Weiner, Author of Several Best-Selling Books, Including The Geography of Bliss and, Most Recently, The Socrates Express: In Search of Life Lessons from Dead Philosophers.

“Sandy’s perspective is honest, fresh and unfiltered. Over 20 years ago, when we met back in Mexico City, she was already a powerful editor at the Reforma newspaper. I was only beginning my career in writing. Out of our professional relationship grew a friendship that lasts to this day. In 2019, after years of not seeing each other in person, we met again. She, an established interpreter, translator and writer in Los Angeles, a mother and a survivor of many experiences that shaped who she is. Me, also a mother and an Editor and Head Writer for People en Español, in New York.

“I am amazed at how Sandy has been able to adapt to her circumstances and make the most out of any opportunity. Her optimism and long-term vision are always intact. Upon reading this book, I not only rediscovered a woman in full command of her talents, full of love for life. I also found a human being ready to connect with others and share the experience garnered. Unafraid to tell her truth, as painful, incredible, or unique as it is. Ready to share her knowledge and empower others. No strings attached.”

—Mayra Mangal, Editor and Head Writer, People en Español Magazine.

“The self-help book we need in these tough times. Witty, realistic, resourceful, surprising and funny. The advice you need to take life on and not look back.”

Juan Meyer, Former Marketing Director at MTV and Discovery Networks; Current CEO of Lifestyle Website En Cinco.

“About 13 years ago, I had just started working in publicity for a movie studio. I was nervous since I had to prove to my boss that I could do this job, and it was time for the first business meeting I would attend all by myself. I would be meeting with Sandy. The first thing I noticed is that she had a special vibe, she was different from anyone else. We instantly clicked. We became friends at once. When I returned to the office, my confidence level was high.

Choose to Prevail showed me that the vibe I initially felt from the author was not only that of a strong woman, but also that of a survivor. This book is essential reading for anyone who wants to leave fear behind and achieve all of his or her goals.”

—Alain Sefchovich, Sony Pictures Releasing International Publicity.

“Exploring this book, easy to read and full of love and empathy, is like getting advice or a warm hug from your wisest best friend. Each chapter feels like a pat on the back, like the support of a friend offering you their strength to lean on. You feel as if you had just breathed in the freshest air available. You end up ready to walk tall and proud, facing the future with a certainty that you will be fine.”

Miguel Mallet, Film Marketing and PR Executive.

“The self-growth process can feel painful and lonely at times. This fantastic book comforts you in the knowledge that you are not alone on your journey. You will find incredibly valuable insights to help you be more hopeful, self-aware, authentic, joyful, and successful. If you are on the path to becoming the best version of yourself, I recommend you open up Choose to Prevail.”

G. Brian Benson, Award-Winning Author, TEDx Speaker and Creative.

“The paths Sandy has walked on throughout her many lives are the roadmap for us to understand how to move away from obstacles. Her personal stories are escape routes out of this world we live in, which seems to have hypernormalized panic and anxiety. Perhaps her footprints will lead you to stomp down the road with more confidence and energy.”

—Manuel Álvarez, Former MTV, BBC, NBC, Sony, Univision & Discovery Creative; Award-winning Social Issues Documentary Maker; Storyteller.

“Sandy's book is riveting. I was truly intrigued by her multifaceted ‘charmed’ life and how she overcame many obstacles. Her sentiments are extremely positive, uplifting, and inspirational. Changing your life is doable and Sandy gives you the tips to do just that!”

Sharona Saltzman, Author and Creator of the MyWish4U Notes from Me Series.

“It was a fortuitous coincidence that led me to meet Sandy decades ago at a mutual friend’s house in Mexico City. She caught my attention from the start; she’s definitely not the type of person you encounter every day. With her piercing gaze and distinctive way of speaking, she was captivating. I was impressed by her mental agility, her intelligence, how hugely likeable she was, and her way of seeing and describing events. We immediately began a friendship that gave way to so many anecdotes they would fill pages.

“Sandy is irreplaceable and unforgettable. She touches the lives of those who know her and has much to share with others, as evidenced by her brilliant career as a journalist. She has a knack for self-reinvention and, even in the face of adversity, she always comes out ahead. Readers of this book will be able to do the same.”

—Pedro Pablo Pérez García, Historian. Former Editor at Fernández Editores, Cataloger and Classifier of Historical Documents for the Carso Center for the Study of Mexican History, and Private Library Curator for José López Portillo, Ex-President of Mexico.

"I have seen so many so-called professionals over the years, all of whom claim to know the almighty cure to my Deafness, Depression, PTSD, and myriad more ailments that remain a mystery to me. Choose to Prevail: Unexpected Insights to Help You Overcome Challenges examines intrusive, unwelcome thoughts, and mental illness from a different and positive standpoint. Written by Sandy Rodriguez, it does not show that “the rest of the world has it harder than you” or that “this is how to do it right.” Instead, Sandy expresses different hardships she has encountered through much of her life - many hardships which brought a lot of my own painful moments to the surface - and gave me a different way to look at them so that I may understand them. Whether it be bankruptcy, divorce, death, or losing a loved one, Choose to Prevail presents a new aspect which shows you that you are not alone and that you can and will make it through. I must admit that when I started reading Sandy Rodriguez’s words, I had a substantial amount of cynicism due to my own life’s journey and extreme challenges. But learning a new way to think of these hardships and challenges made for an enlightening read. While I may not have yet lost a parent, I have lost a child - one of the most painful things any parent can ever go through. As I continued to read and started looking at my own problems through Sandy Rodriguez’s eyes, not only did I take comfort that I am not alone in this world (regardless of how much it seems to be so at any given time), but also that there is a light at the end of each and every tunnel, no matter how many obstacles are in the way. Choose to Prevail is an extremely insightful book and I am confident that I will be reading it more than just once. With so many challenges and uncertainties that lie ahead in today’s terrifying world, it is a breath of fresh air that I no longer need to internalize each and every problem that comes my way. I wholeheartedly recommend Choose to Prevail: Unexpected Insights to Help You Overcome Challenges to all readers aged 15 and over."

- Readers' Favorite. Reviewed by writer Rosie Malezer, domestic violence survivor and author of "Change Your Name and Disappear: A terrifying true tale of survival" and "How to Be Deaf."

“Just as bedside manner is so important in the medical profession, delivery and tone can be equally crucial for authors of self-help books providing tips on how to improve our lives.

Imagine my anticipation when I saw this testimonial from bestselling author Eric Weiner before starting to read Sandy Rodriguez’s Choose to Prevail: “Reading this book is like having coffee with a kind, insightful and endlessly patient friend.” One lump of sugar and a little cream later, I was ready to jump in.


Rodriguez’s own experiences have been chock full of highs and lows, making her acutely aware that the delicate nature of life’s fortunes can turn at any moment. While realizing the beauty of life and building a successful career with some U-turns along the way, she says, “I have experienced self-doubt, annoyances and tragedy … I’ve had to overcome bullying, panic attacks, social anxiety, and feelings of sorrow.” But adversity has helped her understand how to put the minor irritations and bigger issues in perspective.

In Choose to Prevail, the author makes spot-on observations about people’s behavior; at times, you can’t help but think she is describing you:

Can be overly critical of yourself.

Have secrets, and you lie now and then.

Know that you can be worthy of admiration.

Value consistency but crave variety.

“In reality, hiding things is exhausting and, more often than not, unnecessary.” She advises us to care less about what others think and urges us to not be afraid to be ourselves.


The book takes readers through an understanding of the Bigger Picture but also focuses on some of life’s “particulars” such as time management, the way you present yourself, keeping your mind active, taking stock of the way we treat and speak with others, dealing with difficult people, learning why no one should be envied, and much more. These subjects are addressed through what the author has experienced firsthand and observed in others, followed by sound advice to adjust or rectify the situation.

Rodriguez even tackles the meaning of life, noting that people feel more fulfilled if they make a contribution to the world. But little things can be just as important, she says, such as a simple kind word or gesture to someone in need.

“You will find that by reframing challenges, taking action, or a combination of both, you will be able to feel more at peace.”

It’s all about learning to cope, for which people might have a plan — until life gets in the way. Rodriguez quotes the boxer and philosopher Mike Tyson: “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

Let Choose to Prevail help pick you up off the canvas.’

  • BookTrib.

Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures is known for being inclusive and promoting multicultural diversity.omes my way. I wholeheartedly recommend Choose to Prevail: Unexpected Insights to Help You Overcome Challenges to all readers aged 15 and over."

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