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Our Planet Needs Our Kindness

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

My name is Violeta Nicole Sanchez I’m 11 years old . I want to thank you for this amazing opportunity your giving me and all the beautiful talented models. As a child I want to set a positive example for other kids that don’t think they can accomplish their goals and dreams, I love one day they will read my accomplishments and see we can all do it by working hard and never give up even when others don’t believe on you. To always stay true and kind to themselves and others. Simple act of kindness will make someone a better day. 

Our planet needs our kindness now more than ever. The way we live has changed a lot specially with COVID-19 pandemic, all the protests for equality, and now these wild fires etc this year, and some of these changes have led for all of us to learn how life differently as a child I can say this is the hardest part of my life, I pray every day we all do our part wear a mask, stay safe stay strong and positive we will get though this together. I would love to to return back to school, play at the park, be able to attend to my regular activities, hangout with my friends.

My second concern as child is recycling and composting, turning off the lights when we leave a room, my mom and I try biking and walking instead of driving car to local stores All of these can help the planet. Let’s protect our ocean, it breaks my heart to see how much trash I find and pick up each time we have beach days. Earth is the only home we have, so it’s important we do what we can to keep it safe and beautiful.

As a child my mom and family have thought me about kindness, respect, equality, stay humble & positive I’m love treating everyone the way I want to be treated I truly enjoy serving my community by volunteering in different organizations such anti bullying stand up for anyone who is been mistreated, feeding the homeless and giving them clothes during winter , doing out reach for kids anti hunger charity’s , donating to cancer society. My goal as child is to connect with others kids let’s them see that YES ! We can make our future better by working together as a team , I know I’m a role model because I do my best always . Like I said No job is too big, no kid is too small to make this world a better tomorrow.

Sincerely yours,


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