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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

An Exclusive Backstage Interview Describing Everything That Went into This Issue’s Main Photoshoot

Robin and Stefan are the founders of 12 Months of Beauty, the company that was in charge of producing this issue’s cover shoot in the Netherlands.

Robin and Stefan, how did it feel to make your vision for the Heart Of Hollywood Magazine cover come to life?

The official hairdresser for 12 Months of Beauty, who happens to be one of our friends, Sanjay Ramcharan, has his own hairdressing salon: Addict Haarlem.

This salon transports you to a world of glamour from the roaring twenties. We thought it would be the perfect setting for the Heart Of Hollywood Magazine cover shoot.

This setting also goes very well with the image of 12 Months of Beauty. After we suggested this location to the team, everyone was very enthusiastic and they further enhanced our vision. As you can imagine, we were energized and the whole production was a fabulous experience.

Photo courtesy of 12 Months of Beauty

Robin and Stefan: 12 Months of Beauty

Imelda Liem: BaroQco Jewelry Couture

What was working with Cover Model Lotte Dirchs like?

We have known Lotte for some time now, since she is our Supermodel Netherlands 2020/2021. We got to know Lotte as a person who is eager to learn and experience everything that is offered to her, in order to grow personally and professionally.

Like many others, Lotte has encountered setbacks, but this never stopped her and she continues moving forward. It’s always fun and a true pleasure to work with this extraordinary woman.

Who else was involved in the production?

For productions like this, 12 Months of Beauty has a very professional team. We can always count on it.

Our photographer Johnny ten Have, who has been with us since 2013, is very successful as a commercial and fashion photographer and videographer in the Netherlands. He always makes time for us if we ask him for productions.

Sanjay Ramcharan, from Addict Haarlem, started his own hair salon in 2019. He has been our official hairstylist since 2016. He not only runs this salon, but he is also a trainer for prestigious international hair product brands. For larger productions, Sanjay has a team that can make hair look beautiful.

Dave Sewtahal from Seductive Glamor is a makeup artist and hair stylist. Along with his team, he has been responsible for the makeup worn by our queens since 2016.

The beautiful black gown Lotte wears was designed by Bjorn Kersten. He has been designing competition dresses for our pageants, be they national or international.

And of course Eduardo and Imelda Liem from BaroQco, the design house that creates Couture jewelry. They supplied the jewelry for the shoot.

What were the challenges of doing this cover shoot?

Although we can always count on our team, we had some challenges, since the shoot had to be on short notice, during the holiday season.

What were the most exciting moments of this production?

It’s always very exciting when ideas become reality, and results exceed your expectations. The most exciting moment was when Johnny sent us the raw pictures to make a choice. We had to make a selection out of 450 shots. And they were so wonderful that after the first round of selecting, we could only eliminate five shots!

Another exciting moment is when you receive the first picture which is ready to be published, and you want to share it with the whole world, but you can’t, because first you have to send it to Heart Of Hollywood Magazine.

What was it like working with BaroQco? We love their high-fashion jewelry.

This production was actually a co-production with the whole team, and that includes BaroQco. It’s good to know they always have our back. They always come up with great ideas and they bring along sophisticated couture jewelry.

The best way to describe our relationship is that the word “no” doesn’t seem to exist.

Photo courtesy: 12 Months of Beauty

Hairstyling: Sanjay Ramcharan for Addict Haarlem

Imelda Liem: BaroQco Jewelry Couture

Makeup: Dave Sewtahal for Seductive Glamor

Please describe the overall experience in your own words.

The moment we heard we had to produce this shoot, it looked like it would be quite difficult, because it was on short notice, and during the summer holiday. Also, the restrictions in the Netherlands because of Covid-19 were constantly changing.

But everything was sorted out. The whole process just flowed. We actually drew a lot of energy from the project. That was what we got in return.

Stay tuned for our next contests!

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