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One Man Wanted to Make It Happen

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Founded in 2020 by World-renowned Producer BiggVon, Corporate Culture Marketing is a full-service one-stop-shop for Music Production, Video, Film, and Marketing. Collaborating with artists and companies worldwide while developing a strong reputation as a result of memorable tracks and professional recordings.

From custom-made commercial projects to film scores, Bigg Von writes, composes, and remasters original sounds. Also, working with 3rd party publishers and labels in order to incorporate licensed material into the work. To top it all off, Corporate Culture Marketing services are available for involving artists, actors, actresses to some of the most sought out celebrities in the industry.

BiggVon has worked with notable celebrities and entertainers such as Ice Cube, Eminem, 50 Cent, ScarFace, Fettywap, Lil Wayne, Kevin Gates, Common, Young Jeezy, Dej, Shawty Lo, Nipsey Hustle, and many more.

BiggVon says that the music industry changed his entire career move. At first, he just wanted to play in the NBA but the more he pursued music the more he was intrigued by the creative process in producing and songwriting managing.

Watching legends open the doors in all genres of music has made an impact on him as well. Some memorable moments in his career that stand out to him are being able to work with legends in the business, and being able to share what he's learned with others that are pursuing the same dream and career goals that he has.

Currently, BiggVon is working on 3 TV shows and an action movie. The shows are called Humor Planet ft. Jay Wavy, Demented, and a series called "Toxsanity" which is about toxic relationships. The project includes BiggVon and his team Dom Shelton, Charlene Lust, Darius Henry, and Sean Gilliam.

Keep up-to-date with BiggVon by connecting on Instagram @iambiggvon or by visiting

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