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Oil-free Cooking, Palak Paneer Recipe

Volume 1

By Soma Bhowmik

Healthy Diet Is a Key to Success.

Palak Paneer Recipe


Paneer– 250g ( cut in small cubes)

Spinach- 250 g ( boil it for 1 min and dip them in ice water . It will retain the green color even after cooking.)

Fresh coriander leaves paste- 3 tbsp

Green chili- 2 ( paste)

Ginger- 1tbsp ( paste)

Garlic- 3tbsp ( paste)

Turmeric and salt as per taste

Black Cumin- ¼ Tea Spoon


  1. Mix all the ingredients except Paneer together and blend into a mixture to make a fine paste.

  2. Now put the mixture in a pan and put the paneer cubes into it.

  3. Let it come to a boil and come to a grave consistency. Serve hot with rice.



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