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Non Profit Spotlight: Urban Not Average

Urban Not Average, based in Los Angeles, CA is a 501 c 3 nonprofit that is in operation to improve the lives of inner-city student-athletes and their families worldwide through finances, nutrition, education, housing, and mentorship. Even through the recent worldwide pandemic, Compton Native and CEO/President Shandrea Moody — Wilson and her team have worked tirelessly every day to make sure that these children and their families were not lacking the necessary essentials needed for all households.

The inspiration behind the existence of Urban Not Average is that Shandrea is a mother of a student-athlete, and she witnessed firsthand how finances was a challenge for many children. They either could no longer participate in the sport, they couldn’t travel with the team, or they didn’t have any money to get something to eat. Another issue that was detected was that the student-athletes did not have a home to go to, or they just weren’t in a safe environment.

With her kind heart, Shandrea immediately put forth the effort to make sure that she established a reliable resource to help brighten the future of these overlooked and talented children. The Urban Neighborhood has an illustrious reputation of birthing and molding many of the sport's greats that we have grown to love and admire. Today, that same reputation is still in effect and Urban Not Average stands behind it firmly.

Urban Not Average has the apprehension that not every student-athlete wants to carry out being an athlete or working in sports after high school. Therefore, it is other programs within the organization that will give them a chance to grasp the opportunity to explore their options such as entrepreneurship and performing arts. Urban Not Average’s sponsorship sector, The James Smiles Foundation, has scholarships for all three divisions.

As for their most recent project within the organization, which is across the globe, Urban Not Average’s Workforce Program just recently signed a contract to work at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, TN for the NFL’s Tennessee Titans’ home games for the season. This occasion is for those 18 years and older in surrounding urban communities who are in need of employment. This contract makes it the second one they have signed with a professional league. The first one was with Major League Baseball’s Atlanta Braves for this past regular season going into the playoffs.

Up to the present moment, Urban Not Average is preparing to operate in seven states! A major nationwide announcement is brewing to be declared on December 31, 2021! For more information on how to donate, sponsor, partner, collaborate or sign up a student-athlete, please visit You can follow them on all social media platforms @urbannotaverage.

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