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Aspiring Model Patricia Hogan Shares Words of Encouragement

Hello! My name is Patricia Hogan. I’m a single mother of two boys and an aspiring model. The topic I am passionate about is having hope. Having hope is going for what you believe in and never giving up, whether it’s trying to be a model, an actor, a professional sports athlete or a successful single parent.

I started modeling at a very early age, winning several pageants over the years, and I continue to strive for my goal of becoming a successful model while being a single parent and to do that, I must have hope.

Hope is a big word. It can be a happy word, used when you finally landed that shot that you worked for tirelessly to achieve. It can also be a hard word, when you’re trying your best at being who you are but seem to suffer setback after setback. I’ve had many jobs throughout the years to support my boys and myself while I pursue my modeling career. And I have suffered many setbacks as well. But trying your best at being the best you can be and do for yourself and family must always come first. Never give up hope!

If you feel like you’re losing the fight of your life-- whether it’s your job, your children or your life due to illness-- never give up hope!