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Musical Genius... on the Brinck!

I first met artist Rachel Brinck at the Behave Agency offices in Hollywood California in October of 2022 and funny enough, at that time...she was interviewing me!

I was there to apply for an open writer's position. I got the gig after interviewing with Rachel in a room full of high energy, could all be models themselves executives but one thing that stuck out to and stayed with me was the "presence" of Rachel. She was not just a competent, corporate big wig, she was a step further. "Something" was magic about her...and then I heard her sing...and then I knew what that "something" was.

The best way I can describe the Brinck listening experience is an ethereal, transitional, peace, beauty release! In the vernacular of soul musicians past... the girl has got the goods! To look at her is to not take your eyes off her until the video ends, she walks off stage or you suddenly go blind. To listen to her sing, her breathy, sensual- sexual voice, is to experience the stardust Tinkerbell used to give young Pan the ability to fly. Listen to her song "Here With Me" for confirmation of that assertion. That track is my personal play it so many times that everybody around me is sick of me favorite! While it spins it awakens senses I never knew I had while simultaneously re-introducing me to feelings long forgotten.

The Brinck sound is a melody hook you can hang your coat on and it's delivered by a voice no comfortable slippers, jammies, blanket or dogs cuddle even come close to being better than...well, maybe the dog cuddle comes close.

Now. Let me, let her, tell you more. Ladies and Gentlemen ... This is Brinck.


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1) Hello Rachel. Please, introduce yourself to Heart of Hollywood!

Hi Dempsey! Thank you so much for this opportunity. It's very exciting! My name is Rachel Brinck but I go by Brinck.

2) Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What did you study in school? What brought you to LA? How long have you been here? Do you have siblings? if so older, younger?

I’m from Sioux City, Iowa. I actually never went to college. I started coming out to LA for music when I was 16 years old and I officially moved 8 years ago and decided to just skip school and continue into the industry. I have 3 siblings. I have a younger brother and sister and an older sister.

3) How did "Brinck" originate ?

Brinck is actually my last name! I always thought it was so sick. When I was younger my dad told me a story that everyone used to call him Brinck to the point where everyone thought it was his name. I loved the idea of it.

4) When did you start writing and singing?

I started singing when I was in 3rd grade and started writing in 4th. I loved writing songs on garage band, they were all stupid and horrible but I couldn’t stop. I would make album covers and album art, I loved it!

5) How many songs do you now have in your catalog?

I currently have 7 songs for Brinck

6) Do you have a band or are you self contained?

I don’t have a band it’s just me! I did do this whole last project “Here With Me" with two of my closest friends Jackson Singleton and Eian McNeely.

7) Who are your musical and creative influences?

It’s so hard for me to say musical influences. I think it changes constantly. I do love The Maria’s and Lana del Rey.

8) Has Brinck toured or played out in local clubs yet? If so, where? If not, are there any plans in the future?

I have done some local spots in LA and I did a show at SXSW in 2022. I do have a show coming up in August that I’ll be announcing very soon.

9) How does music make you feel? What does it do for you personally?

Music truly makes me feel every emotion. A song can bring out a feeling you haven’t felt in 10 years. So many memories are even trapped in songs. It’s a universal language. It’s therapy. It’s a way to communicate. This is why I love it so much.

10) Thank you so much Rachel for letting me be one of the first to help break Brinck to the public before the whole world knows your name!

Ah, Thank you so much Dempsey!

For shows, bookings, merchandise and all things Brinck please

contact her on IG @brinck182 or email

Dempsey Gibson

IG: @dempseygibson

Twitter: @dempseygibson

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Jul 26, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Brinck is the best!!!

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