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Mompreneurs: Author of Birth with Purpose, Lynnecia S. Eley

By Tammy Reese

Celebrating Mompreneurs: Author of Birth with Purpose: 5 Steps to Drive Your Passions & Fuel Your Purpose, Lynnecia S. Eley

Meet Lynnecia S. Eley, a career-driven entrepreneur, wife, and mother. She is an award-winning University Assistant Dean and Adjunct Professor that is committed to excellence, dedication, and caring for others. Known as the Confidence Doula, Lynnecia is a best-selling author and coach providing guidance and support to help women and young adults feel self-assured in their abilities to Birth with Purpose.

Author of Birth with Purpose: 5 Steps to Drive Your Passions & Fuel Your Purpose, The 3 M’s of Writing Your Book, and co-author of Stuck is Not Your Story: I Overcame and Am Victorious, she is a Certified DISC Personality Analyst and Business Confidence Coach. She is also one of the founders of Two Queens Media, Black & Ivy League, Inc., Soigne’ + Swank Magazine® and National 1st Vice President of Eta Rho Sigma Sorority, Inc. Lynnecia is also the recipient of the President’s Lifetime Achievement award in recognition of her service to women and girls through volunteerism and leadership. Learn more at

Please tell us about your company and the services you provide.

Lynnecia S. Eley Coaching & Consulting, LLC d/b/a She Can Inspire is a business coaching firm dedicated to supporting women in unlocking their ideas and passions for personal and business growth. Known as the Confidence Doula, I am a best-selling author and coach providing guidance and support to help women and young adults feel self-assured in their abilities to Birth with Purpose through content, training, and workshops.

Two Queens Media is an international public relations agency that offers full-service solutions, including media relations, publishing, partnerships, and brand protection. Our agency is renowned for its expertise in boosting brand exposure through media and entertainment promotions.


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Happy Mother’s Day! Please tell us about your life as a mother.

I am a career-driven, entrepreneurial wife and working mom. Women are organic nurturers and since I was young I stood out as the caring friend, and as the eldest of three daughters I became like a second mom while my parents worked multiple jobs to raise us. I became a mother later than all my friends and it has been one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve ever signed up for. I’m a #boymom, and my six year old son keeps me on my toes.

How have you navigated being a parent while running a company?

Hahahahah! Imagine driving a go cart on the side of a rocky mountain trying not to touch the hot lava. There’s no rule book or manual to being a parent nor, for what it’s worth, building and running a company. Everyone’s experience is different and the support you have in each of those areas are key. I’m grateful for my husband’s partnership and support as parents raising our son and creating legacies with our businesses, and for my business besties and accountability partners for their continued support and belief in my business.

The beauty of raising kids and running a company at the same time is having my son see me doing the groundwork and laying a foundation for something bigger than ourselves. He inspires me to keep doing it all.

What lessons have you learned from being a mother that you’ve applied to your work as an entrepreneur?

As a working mom I understand the struggle we have of putting ourselves first. We do it with our family and work responsibilities to the point of being overwhelmed, overworked, and burnt out. I’ve learned that in both areas it’s a must that we create boundaries and make time for self-care. I have to treat myself as a necessity. No, it’s not selfish to be the necessity and be able to do the things that we need to fulfill our own happiness, while also to do and be present and fully available to others. You must be the necessity in order to pour into others.

I’m no guru at this myself, it’s a constant practice because I’m a giver, but it’s true when they say if you empty a glass of water, there’s nothing left to drink. So the same is true for how we treat and value ourselves as mothers.

What would you say is your ultimate goal as a mother?

My ultimate goal is to train up my child and the children in his circle as positive, thoughtful leaders that are steadfast in pursuing their passions and goals. As a mom, I am serious about the representation I have on children in my space. I want to be a role model and cheerleader for them and others around me.

What are some of your entrepreneurial aspirations?

My list of aspirations is extensive. I’m a big thinker and live by the creed that I cannot allow limitations to limit me. At the top of my list is to deliver a Ted Talk. As an author, educator and founder of brands that promote and support women, community growth in business, education, and the media/publishing space I’m building my speaking portfolio to hopefully land on the Ted Talk stage soon.

Any offers, sales, or Mother’s Day giveaways you can share with us at this time?

This month, on Saturday, May 20, 2023, I am giving the keynote at the 2nd Annual Empowering the Working Mom Breakfast in Southern Maryland on the topic of Confidently Rising to Your Next Level. It’s a wonderful opportunity for career and entrepreneurial moms to delve in discussion about work & life balance, self-confidence and self-love. You can learn more about the event at

I am also offering a coupon code on my website for $5.00 of all books and lined journals. Visit and enter code “love4moms” at checkout.

What advice would you have for fellow Mompreneurs?

Remember to always celebrate your successes, no matter how big or small — it is important for the confidence in you to not wait for someone else to tell you that you’ve done a good job. Some days before I power down from the work day, I have a conversation with myself and I say — “Girl you out did yourself today. You may not have checked off everything on your list, but you showed up and made your presence known. You were seen!” Never forget to award yourself, empower yourself, and first be kind to you.

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Tammy Reese began her career as a theater actress performing in 60 live stage shows a year with The Media Unit TV and Stage Production Company. She also directed the weekly live TV show Rough Times Live.

Eventually, she went to Empire State College to obtain her degree in media studies. After graduation, she did more theater and wrote and produced her own videos to spread awareness on social issues through the arts.

Tammy is an award-winning journalist and is best known for her legendary interviews with Sharon Stone, Sigourney Weaver, Meagan Good, Jennifer Connelly, Laurence Fishburne, Mona Scott- Young, Geena Davis, Essie Davis, Vivica A. Fox, Omar Epps, Joseph Sikora, Nelly, Ryan Coogler, Carmen Electra, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Giancarlo Esposito, Amerie, Leon, Patina Miller, La La Anthony, Neyo, Britt Lower, Michael James Shaw, Aleks Paunovic, Courtney Kemp, Janet Hubert, Tom Arnold, Michole Briana White, Matt Cedeño, Raven Goodwin, Amber Riley, Ross Marquand, Merritt Wever and many more.

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