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Modeling, Acting, Art, Fitness, and Entrepreneurship Are Some of the Fields in Which Diego Valdez Has Found Success

Diego Valdez is originally from Colombia and resides in the San Francisco Bay area, splitting his time between Los Angeles and New York as well. Diego is an actor, model, artist, activist, and fashion influencer.

Diego knew early on that he was destined for the arts. He started out as a theater actor in Colombia and then transitioned into television, where he was a recurring character in numerous South American soap operas.

Diego’s handsome good looks and exotic physical attributes soon caught the eye of the fashion industry, and he achieved tremendous success representing some of the most iconic fashion brands in Europe and Latin America – Diesel, Levi’s, Girbaud, Chevignon, Calvin Klein, and many more. Diego Valdez cited his father as his most influential source of inspiration, since he instilled in him the four traits for success: discipline, consistency, patience, and perseverance.


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Although Diego has had immense success as a model and actor, here in the United States, he has mostly worked as an artist for major corporations and brands, such as Discovery Channel, Diageo, Smirnoff Vodka, Tequila Don Julio, and others. Diego’s artwork, image and brand has also graced multiple billboards in New York’s Times Square.

Currently Diego has totally embraced the world of crypto and NFT’S. He frequently attends major red carpets and events in Hollywood, and he leads The Hollywood Trinity Media and PR Services, working in partnership with his best friend, business partner, and mentor Doris Bergman

Current Projects

Diego is strongly promoting “Sexy,” a line of exotic candles and fragrances created in Hollywood exclusively for the Diego Valdez brand by Milena Candles, the aromatherapy company loved by many of the biggest Hollywood stars.

Diego is also launching his own sneaker brand, #BU #DU. It sounds like voodoo, but it actually refers to the opposite of any black magic ritual. The message is totally positive and means #BEYOU #DOYOU, a clear invitation to believe in yourself and your potential. This shoe concept was selected as the top sneaker brand of Summer 2021 by the shoe circle of designers in Italy.

Lastly, Diego is working passionately to promote his own fitness app. Diego Valdez Fitness is now available on Google Play and it will reach iTunes very soon. Google Diego Valdez or follow him on social media and get inspired by his love of health, wellness and fitness.

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