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Meher Mount and Boccali's

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

On The Town With Richard by R. A. Stermer

Meher Mount 9902 Sulphur Mountain Rd, Ojai, CA 93023, Is “a universal center open to all for inspiration, education, and work programs in agriculture, ecology, and humanitarian service.”

Meher Mount consists of 170 acres of dense woodland and open fields on Sulphur Mountain in Ojai, California, about 80 miles north of Los Angeles… At 2,600 feet above the Pacific Ocean, it enjoys a magnificent 360-degree view, including the nearby peak of Topa Topa, the Channel Islands, Los Padres National Forest, and the Ojai Valley.

I went up to attend an event called “The Darshan Dhuni”. At the dhuni (sacred fire), participants throw in a stick of sandalwood dipped in ghee into the fire, an act signifying the renunciation of some shortcoming.

The ceremony was held in relative silence to accommodate the recording of the event which also included the reading of inspirational quotes submitted from various parts of the world.


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Afterwards there were refreshments and the opportunity to walk the grounds and enjoy the beautiful setting as well as the company of the others in attendance.

This was followed by a gathering at Boccali’s 3277 E Ojai Ave, Ojai, CA 93023. A wonderful location, just down the hill, featuring a setting of pic-nic tables spread out over a football field sized lawn. The menu presents the standard Italian fare of pizza, pasta and antipasto.

We had a gathering of 15 or so with everyone ordering as they pleased and bottles of white and red California wines to accompany. The experience couldn’t have been better with the food, company and wine all blending together as the sunset on our splendid day spent visiting Ojai, California.

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