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How To Never Miss A Workout While Traveling

By Batista Gremaud

Traveling or being on vacation is no reason to skip your workouts. The opposite is true. Exploring other gyms can be fun; creative options exist to stay active and fit.

Here Are a Few Tips to Stay on Track while Traveling

1. Schedule your workouts in advance: Setting aside time to work out may be challenging when you are on holiday or traveling. By planning your activities ahead of time, you can make sure you don't miss them. Schedule a specific time of day to exercise and try to stick to it as much as possible.

2. Find a gym or fitness center near your hotel: It can be easy to stay fit while traveling by finding a gym or fitness center nearby whenever possible.

3. Look for creative ways to exercise: If you can't find a gym or don't want to bring your workout gear, find alternative ways to stay active. Many hotels have a fitness center for guests to use. You can also take advantage of outdoor activities, such as jogging around the city or swimming in the local lake.

4. Pack light but versatile workout gear: If you want to bring your workout gear, pack light. Bring items that can be used for multiple exercises, such as a resistance band or jump rope. This way, you can create a full-body workout without packing much equipment.

Workout bands are a great option and can provide a full-body workout.

Workout bands are an increasingly popular workout accessory, and with good reason; they are versatile, durable, and economical. Also, workout bands are lightweight, portable, and convenient, yet they provide an effective strength training workout.

You can use exercise bands to perform virtually every exercise similar to those achieved with free weights, such as chest presses, squats, bicep curls, and shoulder presses. You can even add resistance to Pilates, yoga, balance exercises, and sprints. The great thing about workout bands is that they come in various resistance levels, allowing you to adjust the intensity of your workouts to your own fitness level.

5. Don't forget about nutrition: Exercise is essential for staying fit, but nutrition is just as important. When traveling, make healthier food choices that give your body the appropriate nutrients. Pack some snacks, such as nuts and dried fruit, to stay energized.

6. Take rest days: Travelling can be exhausting, so remember to take a break. Listen to your body and take a few days off from your workout routine to give you time to rest and recharge.


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Avoid Stiffness When Traveling For Long Hours

If you're worried about developing joint stiffness or back pain from sitting on a plane, a train or a car for long hours, you can do some easy exercises to keep yourself comfortable. Get up and stretch as often as possible, and perform simple range-of-motion exercises to keep your joints moving, such as the ones listed below.

1. Neck Stretches: Lift your chin up as if you are saying "yes" then tilt your head gently to each side, alternating sides. Hold the stretch for a few seconds. Repeat 5-15 times.

2. Cow Pose: Hunch your shoulders forward, hiding your chin in your chest, then arch you back and lift your head up high. Hold this pose for 10 to 15 seconds, and release. Repeat for 10 rounds.

3. Shoulder Shrugs: Lightly raise and lower your shoulders like you are shrugging them. Do this 10-15 times.

4. Wall Push Ups: Place both palms and feet on a wall about a foot and a half apart. Slowly lower yourself into a "plank" pose, hold for a few seconds, and push yourself back away from the wall. Do 10-15 reps.

5. Knee to Chest: Sitting in an upright position, bring one knee towards your chest. Wrap your arms around your leg and pull slightly. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds before repeating on the other side. Do 5-10 reps.

6. Seated Spinal Twist: Sit upright and cross one leg over the other. Place one hand on the opposite knee and twist your body gently towards the crossed leg. Hold this pose for 15 to 30 seconds, and repeat on the other side. Do 5-10 reps.

8. Air Squats: Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, toes pointed out slightly. Place your arms in front and slowly squat, aiming to reach parallel with the floor. Slowly return to a standing position and repeat 10-15 times.

Enjoyed Your Vacation with Vibrant Health and Energy

Traveling for long hours can get uncomfortable. Keep yourself hydrated by having drinks like water and juice. Bring snacks like sandwiches, chips, popsicles, and granola bars to munch on throughout the ride. Wear comfortable clothing that you can layer in case of temperature changes, a comfy pillow and blanket to make the ride more enjoyable, and books, music, or a magazine to pass the time. Look at the scenery, meditate, talk with someone, and make friends.

Traveling for long hours can be tiring, but it doesn't have be unpleasant. Above all, you do not have to come back from vacation out of shape, with a back ache and 10 lbs to lose!

Get your workout bands today and keep up with your workouts while on vacation. Life is a beautiful journey to be savored with vibrant health and energy.

What are you plans for the summer, and how will you keep yourself healthy?

Comment, I'd love to hear about it.


Batista Gremaud is the CEO and president of Dr Fitness International, an International Body Designer, Strength Training Expert, No1 Best Selling author of Feminine Body Design, Empowering Fitness For A Pain-Free Life, co-creator of the Feminine Body Design online strength training mentoring system, co-host of the Esoteric Principles of Bodybuilding, Recipient of the most outstanding fitness program 2019 by The Winners Circle, Mastermind at Sea. and producer of Dr Fitness USA’s THE SHOW.


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