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Meet Phazz Clark: Entrepreneur and Producer

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Victor Phazz Clark is an entrepreneur, businessman, producer/director, and owner of Phazzanation Studios & ColdNation Records.

Born with immense gifts and talent, composer Victor “Phazz” Clark is a highly innovative, creative, and versatile production powerhouse offering a plethora of multimedia services for, music, sports, films, and television shows. Clark is the CEO of three companies, Phazzanation Studios, Top of the Line Media Inc., and Co-Ceo of ColdNation Records. Victor’s Phazzanation Studios specializes in audio recording and music production as well as visual arts, documentaries, and commercials.


Victor began his career as a choreographer, taking his talents to many places such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Yokohama, to name a few. After performing live on more than 2,000 shows, Victor became inspired to create the music that he enjoyed dancing and choreographing. This is when he started his musical career and became a highly sought-after producer and songwriter.

Throughout his career, Victor has also been involved in creating and composing movie soundtracks, which has led him into the demanding world of films and television. His successes in this area include composing music for Adam Sandler’s feature film, “The Benchwarmer’s”, ABC Family's original show “Lincoln Heights”, the Academy Award Winning TV series Crash on Starz, and produced a song for the hit show, "Love Games” on The Oxygen Channel. Phazz is currently working on projects with several NFL Stars, namely JJ Wilcox, Morris Claiborne, Cole Beasley, Talance Sawyer, and Jeremy Mincey.


Make sure to check out Phazz Clark on the 2021 March issue of Heart of Hollywood Magazine. The publication will include an interview with the producer. Get your print or digital copy at


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Lisa Kate
Lisa Kate
Apr 06, 2021

Love this. I am building my business nicely, business growth and clients daily plus fresh work coming in for myself and my clients.

I also arrange events, fundraisers, mini festivals and photoshoots. Plus have a couple of film productions to start up this year. I also have a documentary we filmed last year, going into the film festival this month, april plus have been in a feature film that will be out very soon.

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