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Interview with William Malmborg, Known as an Extraordinary Writer of Psychological Thriller Fiction

By K. Busch

William Malmborg is a well-known, exceptionally talented author of dark psychological horror and thriller fiction pieces. He is the author of some well known books, including Jimmy, Text Message, The Girl Who Played With a Ouija Board, and Daddy’s Little Girl, among others that have kept fans coming back for more.

Malmborg kindly answered questions that some of his fans sent in.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I’m a fairly boring person. My hobbies including reading, watching Netflix, doing jigsaw puzzles, going for long walks with my parents on the weekends, playing games on the original Nintendo system, browsing used bookstores, eating pizza, and drinking first flush tea that I import from various estates in the Darjeeling region of India.

Have you ever had a celebrity crush?