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Interview with William Malmborg, Known as an Extraordinary Writer of Psychological Thriller Fiction

By K. Busch

William Malmborg is a well-known, exceptionally talented author of dark psychological horror and thriller fiction pieces. He is the author of some well known books, including Jimmy, Text Message, The Girl Who Played With a Ouija Board, and Daddy’s Little Girl, among others that have kept fans coming back for more.

Malmborg kindly answered questions that some of his fans sent in.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I’m a fairly boring person. My hobbies including reading, watching Netflix, doing jigsaw puzzles, going for long walks with my parents on the weekends, playing games on the original Nintendo system, browsing used bookstores, eating pizza, and drinking first flush tea that I import from various estates in the Darjeeling region of India.

Have you ever had a celebrity crush?

Krysten Ritter

Are you currently involved in a relationship?


Would you ever consider dating a fan?

I actually don’t date at all. I am very content with living a single life and don’t ever foresee that changing.

Do you enjoy being a celebrity?

I totally love it.

Do you get inspiration from anyone or anything? What is it?

Nothing specific. I’m the type of writer that simply sits down every morning and starts writing. While doing this, crazy, twisted things just pop into my mind without warning. It’s a bit surreal.

Is there any place that you would like to visit but haven’t been to yet?

I would love to go on a pizza eating adventure in Italy.

Do you have any current goals or aspirations?

I would love to work with Netflix on something. I have no idea what, but I’ve always enjoyed working on TV shows and know that teaming up with them on something would be a lot of fun.

What would you like people to remember about you?

That I’m a very normal, down-to-earth person that doesn’t have bodies buried in my backyard.

Is there any message you would like for your fans to hear?

New York may have invented the modern pizza, but Chicago perfected it.

Tell us something that you have not told many people.

I’m very squeamish and hate knives. I can’t even watch the cooking show Chopped, because the people on it always seem to cut themselves at some point!

Anything else you would like Heart Of Hollywood Magazine or your fans to know?

Pizza should never ever be cut into squares.

What advice do you have for other authors or aspiring authors?

Write every day. The creative process is like anything else. One simply has to do it over and over again for a long time to get good at it.

Courtesy photo: William Malmborg

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Very well written and the questions were really good! Enjoyed reading the article.


Ajay Solomon
Ajay Solomon
Jul 02, 2021

This is great!! Always fun to delve into the minds of famous people. Well written and a quality interview.

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