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Learn How I Got Cast In The HBO Show-We Own This City

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

By Aaron Marcus

I Initially Turned Down The Job

Auditioning for this project was a lot of fun. I read for the role of an attorney. Then, I got a call back. I read again and got some minor direction and read it again.

Why I Said No To The Job

A few days after my call back I received an email offering me the role. However, it was for a different attorney. Booking a role that you did not read for is not unusual at all. I recently worked on a Netflix feature, and the audition had me reading for a part I was definitely not right for. The character’s age, and description were nowhere near my type. As it turned out, they just wanted to watch me act.

Aaron Marcus – very happy about booking this job

I was very excited to be offered the role. The only problem was that the shoot date was happening while I was going to be on a family vacation. It was a difficult decision, but I turned it down.

Funny How Things Can Work Out

While on vacation, I got an email from casting saying that they had to move the shoot date and asked if I was still interested and available. I was and accepted the job.

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