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Updated: Oct 19, 2022


By Katherine Zammuto

Hi everyone, it is a huge pleasure and honor to become a part of the Heart of Hollywood Magazine family!! My name is Katherine Zammuto, and I am an actor/artist/podcaster living in LA.

As some of you may know, I have a podcast called Kat on the Loose about sex, dating and relationships which is now getting about 65,000 downloads per episode and growing a super nice audience locally and worldwide, with 121 episodes published in 10 different platforms.

Kat on the Loose is very different from other podcasts out there because it is a 100% organic, non-scripted, and never edited podcast, where I talk about real life stories, interview all kinds of different people, experts and just try to shed light and create a very open conversation about these topics.

Now I am very excited to bring Kat on the Loose into Heart of Hollywood Magazine and share with you guy everything I know and learn about the world of sex, dating and relationships.

I am not an expert on these topics by any means, on the contrary, I am woman trying to find a great relationship and love again after being married for 14 years, getting back into the dating game, and realizing things have changed a lot!

So this space is for all of us to share stories and experiences, ask questions, and talk openly about anything that we feel is important. Each week I will be bringing a different topic answering your questions – so please go ahead and send us a message – I would love to hear from you!!!!

Join The Club

In the meantime, if you want to listen to Kat on the Loose -sex, dating & relationships – it is available on all platforms where you listen to your podcasts including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and IHeart Radio. You find all links here

See you here every Tuesday and here is to sharing many great stories!!!

Much love,

Kat Zammuto

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Katherine Zammuto

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