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Join Me at So Let’s Shop on November 30th!

By Jessica Ross

I am delighted to share with everyone that I am going to co-host So Let’s Shop!

Taking place at the SLS in Beverly Hills on November 30th, the fabulous event will feature a fashion show, many Instagrammable moments, highlight celebrities, CEOS, business owners, designers and founders.

Photo credit: Kathy Kolla

So Let's Shop is part of the Modern Day Wife’s National Tour featuring their prestigious speaker series. This year's celebrity panel are Elisa Donovan from Clueless/Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Rachel Lindsey from The Bachelorette, Alex Hall from Selling the OC, and content creator Catie Li.

Designers participating in the fashion show include Ala Auersperg, Bra-Serie, Active Pear, Xtyle It Fashion with performances by Chesca Musica and Cara-C.

Photo credit: Kathy Kolla

Join me for the holiday party of the season featuring exclusive pop up shops for all of your holiday gift giving, style and forecast trends for holiday and into the new year from the Fashion Panel, Mix & Mingle, Fireside Chats & so much more!

Photo credit: John Sciulli

Get your tickets to So Let’s Shop now by clicking HERE

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About the Modern Day Wife:

Modern Day Wife provides a hub for women who are aspiring to do it all. They have created a space for women to be able to connect and find information that assists with career, family life, social life and relationships. They are every woman's one-stop shoppe. Modern Day Wife is a global community and lifestyle brand made up of modern women becoming the executives of their lives, careers & homes. Through their events and resources, women learn from one another and help each other obtain a 360 degree view of life.

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Jessica Ross is an award-winning actress and reporter, appearing on television and in films; she has also written for several fashion blogs, and been on reality TV.

Jessica has been featured on Indie Activity, Action Magazine, Heart of Hollywood, JAMO Magazine, The Actors 2020 Podcast, Entertainment Network Live, Voyage LA, Flicks Daily, Juwai, It Can By You, Livin Style Magazine, Buzzfeed, CBS, and many more.

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Contributor

For more information on Jessica and to meet our other Heart Of Hollywood Contributors click on the link below:

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