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Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Haute Couture Jewlery by BaroQco, Crafted in the Netherlands, Delights Audiences in Germany

By Bastian Lee Jones & Eduardo Liem

BaroQco is a high-fashion art jewelry design house. Its pieces are handcrafted by artisans from the Netherlands. Working with Swarovski Crystals, BaroQco wants to bring femininity and its expression for women and men to a higher level. That is a mission which resonates with the zeitgeist.

The fashion house founders, Imelda and Eduardo Liem, had been tirelessly creating pieces from scratch. These included rings, bracelets, necklaces, ear clips, and even tiaras. The latter were selling well to model and fashion agencies in charge of major international beauty pageants.

BaroQco has gained international acclaim, and their jewelry was on display during a show at the Berliner Business Wohnzimmer, a major business event venue in Germany.

Five models, cast in San Remo and in Berlin, strutted on the catwalk of the Berliner Business Wohnzimmer, wearing fine jewelry from the latest daily wear and couture BaroQco collections. This was done under the alert eyes of Bastian Lee Jones, who organized the PR with his media company LebenslustTV® Ltd., and Hans-Joachim Stillisch, who monitored and ensured that everything was done under strict anti-covid rules. The sponsors were Ching Seng Lieuw from Singapore and Margit Tietz from Germany. There were VIP guests, such as the Dutch drag queen legend Jeanine and her mentee Sanne van de Meer, and Muah Sylvie Mopita.

Events of this nature started years ago with Günter Weig and Karol, who are regular partners of the Berliner Business Wohnzimmer and started doing regular model shootings in that special venue.

Hans-Joachim Stillisch, who works alongside Bastian Lee Jones, and is the second owner of the exclusive venue, contacted entrepreneur Ching Seng Lieuw and invited him to the Berliner Business Wohnzimmer. Then, the unwritten rules of networking came into effect– one recommendation led to another. After noticing and loving the gorgeous retro interiors of the venue, Ching Seng brokered an appointment with BaroQco.

“We talked for hours several times on Zoom and WhatsApp,” said Bastian Lee Jones, recalling the time when his company was doing proper inquiries about the label and its successful Paris, Los Angeles, and Southeast Asia haute couture fashion shows. BaroQco´s artistic craftsmanship-- and its endless list of VIP brand ambassadors such as Black Chyna, Megan Thee Stallion, Tyra Banks, RuPaul, and Mr. Gay Universe– were quite impressive. Imelda, Eduardo, and Bastian clicked immediately, and not just because of their shared Indonesian heritage.

“It was thrilling to enter a new market like Germany, especially Berlin. The most eastern Metropolis and capital of the western world in Europe, full of rich history and with a magnificent reputation as Europe’s center for creativity, politics, economy, and freedom,“ Eduardo explained.

“It was very important for us,“ added Imelda, “which is why we brought along Marcel Schwab, the photographer, who had also organized several major events in the Netherlands himself! We were also joined by one of our dearest and most loyal clients, the organizer of the Dutch Queen Awards, Jeanine, who loves to present his BaroQco collection!“


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The venue, with its retro 90s style, is exclusive, discreet, and safe. It combines business meeting and working spaces for companies and agencies, and features a living room with apartment-like coziness, with black walls and carpets, white design elements, and mirrors. It’s the perfect place for fashion shoots, runways events, shows, and music video shoots. LebenslustTV® Ltd is the in-house PR and media agency that worked with Glamour Faces and the Veronique & Alexander Kern SMC model management agency and their stars such as Nicole Atieno (IG: ), who regularly walks for Gucci, Prada, and all the other big names. Alexander, who Karl Lagerfeld himself called “The Eye,“ since he has a knack for discovering new modeling talents, can highlight labels such as BaroQco in the way they deserve.

Berlin society figures loved the BaroQco concept. Bianka Aversente, suggested by Bastian Lee Jones as a prominent society lady and model, is widely known in Berlin and delighted the guests in attendance. She was accompanied by Natali Fuebbi, who represented the ladylike grace and elegance of BaroQco. Beauties Caroline Michalcikova, Giorgia Giaciglio, and Federica Driusso expressed the vibrant timelessness of the exquisite, dazzling pieces. Models from Berlin, Germany, Italy, and the Czech Republic were representing BaroQco and showing its international high-level haute couture standard. The applause never stopped. The thrilling music gave everybody goosebumps as they were enraptured by the voluptuous beauty of the collections.

Invitations had also been sent to members of drag queen subculture and the LGBTQ+ community. Jeanine, who is planning the next big international drag queen event, Dutch Queen Awards, was very happy to have attended the impeccably-organized Berlin event and was interviewed by LebenslustTV® (

BaroQco excited and impressed the audience in Germany. Imelda and Eduardo Liem came, saw, and conquered. Their line is becoming well-known throughout the world. It is made in Europe, specifically in the Netherlands, but is also available in several other countries and online. Get to know their beauty and elegance.

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