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Guenter Weig Discusses, a Company Focusing on Pageants and Runway Events, based in Berlin, Germany, is a company that focuses on the fields of beauty contests and fashion runway events.

“We support many models on their path, and help them reach their goals,” explains Guenter Weig, CEO of “We have two main international contests of our own, Miss Glamourfaces World and Miss Black Beauty International, featuring exciting world finals, like. We also offer many national events, and we are working with franchising partners around the globe, specifically owners of international fashion events and beauty contests. So, we are involved in The Look of the Year, Miss World Noble Queen, Miss World Tourism Globe, and other international pageants.”

What is your overall philosophy at the agency?

Our philosophy is to never give up and start working toward your goals in life. You get your chance, you ll use the chance, and you’ll at last.

What is your company mission?

We support young models to reach a higher level and, of course, to become successful internationally. We are particularly supportive of special activities and social campaigns in Asia and Africa.

How did you decide to become a business owner and CEO?

I planned to become a CEO since 1993, and my goal was to find such top models like Germany’s Claudia Schiffer. At the time, she was one of the greatest supermodels and you could see her in Paris and New York and Milan, in all the major Haute Couture fashion shows.

How do you see your company evolving in the coming years?

For a long time, I worked with W-Models. Then, with, I reached an even higher level. My goal now is to become one of the biggest players in the field of beauty events.

What are you currently working on?

This Year is starting out as a Collaborating Partner for a big fashion festival in Dubai to be held in October. We will find and select designers and clients for this major event. Also, we’ll hold castings for the models who will participate.

In September we’ll have another big event in Germany, the African Festival in Potsdam, and this will include a beauty contest, Miss World Tourism Germany 2022. Giovanna Salas, the CEO of Heart Of Hollywood, will be our special VIP guest, as well as one of the judges.

What is your message to our Heart Of Hollywood Magazine readers?

Read all the articles in the magazine, so you can learn about entertainment and culture around the world. You’ll find fresh ideas, inspirations, and, of course, new contacts.

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