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Interactive Live TV Experiences for Authors

In this age of forced social distancing, in-person book launches, book signings and other author events are out of the question. Publishers and authors need to find new ways to promote books. Multimedia company Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures offers a unique alternative that, in fact, has many advantages over in-person gatherings.

Heart Of Hollywood has created Interactive Live TV Experiences. This is a brand-new format that combines the excitement of live TV with the interactive component of an online event.

The sign-up process for participating in an Interactive Live TV Experience enables publishers and authors to create a valuable database of interested fans and followers.

Behind the scenes Choose To Prevail - Book Launch

During the event, authors can connect with their readers, answer questions, offer giveaways, and interact directly in a way that feels warm and personal. Exciting elements, such as music, pre-recorded segments or trailers may be added. Commercial sponsorships can be incorporated.

Additionally, as publishers and authors know, sales are largely driven by reviews, word-of-mouth, and other forms of social proof. This new model allows reviews to be shown directly onscreen and through the chatbox. Guest speakers, even those in different geographic areas, can join the author to discuss their viewpoints regarding the book.

This might be impossible to coordinate as an in-person event, even if there were no social distancing restrictions. The new format, however, can give way to impactful, memorable, once-in-a-lifetime productions.

The Interactive Live TV Experience is both streamed and recorded. Once carried out, it is edited according to author specifications for use on social media, streaming platforms, video hosting sites, author websites or media kits.

This new format is on an entirely different level than standard virtual events. Heart Of Hollywood takes care of the many moving parts involved, from planning to completion. Whether you want a small author event or an extremely complex one, we are prepared to help you dazzle your readers. Contact us for more information.

See How This Works

Interactive Live TV Experiences for Authors are now one of Heart Of Hollywood’s signature offerings. Your Interactive Live TV Experience will be tailored to you and your target audience, your budget and your goals.

We are sharing, as an example, a book launch designed for motivational book Choose to Prevail. Heart Of Hollywood put together a professional team to develop a structure and carefully plan the event, which was transmitted from a studio in California, with the help of technical staff members, including technical directors, producers and cinematographers.

The author was joined by special guests, both in-person and remote, including international guests. Original music was created for the event. The launch featured signature drink recipes, a reading, giveaways, and Q and A's.

Every aspect of the Interactive Live TV Experience, from the music genre to the guest speaker selection, was decided strategically to reflect the book’s vibe, topic and market, as well as the author’s personality and style.

Contact us at (323) 204 and discover what we can do for you and your book.

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Lisa Kate
Lisa Kate
23 de mar. de 2021

I have written a book but nit published it. Wrote it in 1997 . And am writing a book at the moment, not quite finished. Still in draft mode but written over 100 pages.

Called THE HALF WAY LINE started writing it last year. Self help book mainly going through anxiety and suffering from depression when I reached 41 in August 2020 I had a melt down a week after my birthday, my anxiety, just getting over post natal depression, young daughter, single mum plus traumatic past and dealing with COVID and lockdown

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