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I Could Breathe Under Water, Janet Gale

Greetings, everyone! I am so honored to be a part of the Heart of Hollywood classic ladies

International cover model event! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in Kansas City, Missouri and lived in Raytown, Missouri growing up. My mom and dad had lots of family around that area. Holidays were always fun there. I can remember my grandpa and his bluegrass band playing at every family event we had. He and his band would travel the countryside and make records. At one point, they were receiving several presidential awards. I guess you could say they inspired me to do what I am doing to this day. I write and sing songs to help inspire others to achieve their dreams and visions.

Ever since I was very young, I have always wanted to be an actress/ model, a singer/song-

writer, and publish inspirational books and stories. When I was very young, we moved to a forty acre farm three hours away from the city. It was there I would lay on the rooftop of an old farm house and gaze at the endless array of stars, wishing for an opportunity of a lifetime. People would usually tell me that I was just chasing a pipe dream. For a while, I actually listened to them. I was never really satisfied doing anything else. I went to John Casablancas School for Modeling and Talent when I was eighteen, but nothing ever became of it.

It wasn’t until a few years later that things started happening. It was the night my dad was

murdered. I was living in a small town near the country and I remember dreaming that I could breathe under water. In my dream, someone was telling me to swim to the light, so I did. I had almost reached the light when I sat straight up, fully awake now, gasping for a breath of air. There was an overpowering knock at the door. At the time, I was a bit intimidated to answer it, given the dream I had just awakened from. It wasn’t until that evening that I found out what had happened. Oddly enough, through all my extreme grief, that’s when the songs started pouring into me. It felt like a ray of hope in the darkest of places. These songs would catapult me into a place of extreme love and hold me tightly in the night seasons. Later when I was able to share them, I saw these songs do the same for other people going through dark places. I watched as their countenance changed right before my

very eyes. Miraculous events took place with all of us for the longest time.

I met a good friend named Patty McCall about ten or so years ago. We ended up being in several movies together along with a couple of television shows. She introduced me to some pretty amazing people along the way. We ended up writing the U Can 2! Book and the U Can 2! Music video. I wrote many songs after that and there’s still more to come.

My main objective is to inspire you, the reader, to go after your dreams and visions. Don’t Let anyone’s negativity bring you down and stop you from your heart’s desires. You have a lot going for you! Just know that I am cheering you on and you are very valuable. God loves you! Don’t ever forget that. I have been brought through many hard places. There IS definitely light at the end of the tunnel for all who purpose to find it. It takes a collaborative effort of unity. Today, I am asking for your votes to help me make a positive difference in a chaotic society. Will you join me in this endeavor?

Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures is known for being inclusive and promoting multicultural diversity.

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