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"Hush" Season 2: Coming In Hotter

By Billy Montgomery

Following the nail-biting success of its first season, which left viewers perched on the edges of their seats with its riveting storyline and unforeseen twists, the much-anticipated "Hush" Season 2 made its debut on December 7, igniting an atmosphere of palpable excitement. The first season of the show consisted of eight thrilling episodes that followed the life of Dr. Draya Logan - a highly skilled marriage and sex therapist, portrayed by Joyful Drake

(known for her role in Unthinkably Good Things), who was wrapped up in a tantalizing web of secrets. Her 'Penthouse Project', led to the revelation of deadly secrets, putting her career and life in jeopardy. Matters escalated when a murder occurred, and the authorities implicated her as the prime suspect. "Hush" season 2 is poised to elevate the stakes, offering a masterclass in storytelling, character development, and suspense. The series is hosted on AllBLK, a streaming service dedicated to showcasing Black TV shows and movies, providing a platform for content that resonates with a diverse audience. To celebrate the premiere, many cast members graced the red carpet at the Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills on December 5. The star-studded event included luminaries such as Joyful Drake (known for her roles in P Valley and The Quad), Caryn Ward Ross (from Monogamy and Lucifer), and TS Madison (featured in The TS Madison Experience and Zola). With a fervent fan base eagerly anticipating the unfolding drama, "Hush" season 2 has already garnered significant approval. The previous season's magnetic chemistry between characters, set against a backdrop of danger and uncertainty, resonated strongly with audiences. The palpable tension in key scenes added layers of emotional depth to the narrative, captivating fans who found themselves not only engrossed in the unfolding mystery but also deeply invested in the personal journeys of the characters they've come to cherish.

HUSH Season 2 cast members from the red carpet premiere are ready to provide scandal and surprises. Photos by Billy Montgomery IG:billymontgomeryla



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