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By Aaron Marcus

Do you want to know how to be a hand model for TV commercials? Many people think that hand models need to be fashion models. Quite a few hand models who get booked for TV commercials and other hand modeling projects are actors whose hands work and look right for advertising ads.

Aaron Marcus in a pharmaceutical ad

What Do Your Hands Need to Look Like?

There are different types of ads where various types of hands are needed.

Most hand models who get cast have long and thin fingers. They must not be scratched up, bruised or flaky. Skin must be smooth. They must look great while holding a product. And, sometimes, just the opposite is needed. If you are doing an ad for construction equipment, they most likely will want rougher-looking hands.

Being in TV Commercials

Being a hand model for TV commercials is a little different than

other types of hand modeling jobs.

For my job, as you will learn about in a video I will share with you, I had to take a lot of directions from the TV commercial director. My hand had to move

in a specific way to make the food look interesting and enticing. This was not a still shot, so my hand had to move in a specific direction and look graceful.

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Watch What You Eat and Drink before a Job

Hand models need to be very conscious of what they eat or drink before a hand modeling job. If you can get a little jittery when consuming caffeine, then I would suggest you don't drink or eat anything with caffeine. Your hand can’t be shaking at all during the job.

Most Commercial Agents Represent Hand Models

The majority of commercial agents who represent actors for TV commercials and commercial models will also represent and submit talent for hand modeling jobs. You will need to send photos of your hand to the agents to make sure it is perfect for commercial modeling work. Most hand models who don’t do this full-time have photos of themselves and make sure their hands are clearly visible. This allows photographers or art and creative directors at ad agencies, as well as the client, to see if your hands are right for a job.

Watch the Video

Want to learn how to become a hand model for TV commercials?

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