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Hollywood Producer Lyle Howry Offers Up a Big Scary Plate of "Spaghetti"

By Dempsey Gibson

Lyle Howry is the owner and president of Skinfly Entertainment, a multi faceted production company based in the "Heart of Hollywood" California! Lyle and Skinfly currently have 31 projects in development with several of those already in preproduction! Skinfly is a full service production company furnished with its own in house equipment and editing facilities.

Lyle began his career as a co producer on the last season of the CBS Friday night car chasing classic, "The Dukes of Hazzard"! In 1996 Lyle executive produced the feature film"Reggie's Prayer" starring 15 season NFL legend Reggie White! The next step in Lyles career trajectory found him partnered up with former Paramount studio head, Frank Yablans to release the family drama "A Dog of Flanders" with Jon Voight, Jack Warden and former "Charlies Angel" Cheryl Ladd in the cast! That film project won a Bronze Gryphon Award and was nominated for a Joseph Plateau Award.

I asked Lyle about the genesis of Skinfly Entertainment. This is what he had to say: " In 2010, I created one of the first women's MMA reality shows. Back then it was the UFC with Dana White and only men fighters mainstream on Spike TV and no women. I use to produce most of the larger traditional martial arts competitions in Las Vegas from about 1999 to 2007 and always loved to watch the women fight. They were so much more aggressive and there were some very good fighters. I was surprised no one tapped into the woman market, so I did. I had a sponsor called Skinfly Energy, it was a Red Bull type drink. When I finished the show the owner couldn’t afford the company anymore, so I bought it from him and turned it into a brand and entertainment company and here we are today over 200 productions strong"!

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Skinfly Entertainments newest project scheduled for release is the soon to be film horror classic "Spaghetti"!

A brief synopsis of the movie given by it's producer: "Nurse Lena Simon seems to have found the perfect man in savvy businessman Scotty Sharpe, but when she suspects him of seeing someone else she takes the unusual advice of her best friend Toni and does a voodoo spell on him. The spell transforms him into a loving and attentive partner, but it also triggers memories that Scotty has buried...with terrifying results."

"Spaghetti" is directed by Adam Gierasch, the super talent responsible for " Tales of Halloween" and several other films in the horror genre. The director of photography is Andrew Parke (Independence Day) and special effects artist Sheila Bond is credited with "incredible effects" that will really give the audience an unforgettable experience!

After Jason Rainwater finished rewrites and fine tuning the original script written by Dempsey Gibson and Markice Moore, the process of casting began. "We did a casting call; said Lyle, and ended up getting the talented Brittany Lucio best known for "A House Divided", Newton Mayenge who is a great friend of mine and just won a Best Television Ensemble Actors Award for HBO’s "Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty" of course co writer Markice Moore from "Snowfall", Donna Glytch from "You Got Served", Angie Stevenson from "Sons Of Anarchy", Tangie Ambrose from " In Plain Sight", Vito D'ambrosio from "The Untouchables" and Christian Hicks from "The Marksman" plus several other talented actors and actress". Lyle goes on to say he and the company are very excited about "Spaghetti" and now teamed up with Screamfest they are "doing things in this film that no one has done to a horror film before"!

"Spaghetti" is scheduled for release in January 2023 with the premiere possibly being held at Mann's Theater in Hollywood.

Skinfly Entertainment has also taken on the topic of prison reform in its next project. Currently in production is the docuseries "A Prisoner's Path" that follows inmates journeys through recovery to freedom. If that wasn't enough Lyle is also producing a big budget action/drama film, "Damaged". The film sheds light on the subject matters of PTSD and human trafficking. "Damaged" is scheduled to be released worldwide in 2023.

With decades of success in the entertainment business as an executive producer and producer Lyle is an expert in his field taking movie or television series from concept to silver screen. He is also equally if not more so proud of his philanthropic work which includes giving a portion of proceeds from his films to several charities. Lyle generously supports organizations close to his heart including PETA, Tunnel to Towers, Kids Special Olympics, Inmates Children and other various animal charities.

Lyle Howry and Skinfly Entertainment. Always moving forward, always giving back.


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Dempsey Gibson is a writer, singer, actor, producer, voiceover artist and drummer originally from Kannapolis, NC.

Always a huge fan of television and film Dempsey began writing and creating his own work in 2012. His first foray into television was a male version of HBO’s “Sex in The City” he called “The Dearly Departed”. Buoyed by the local success of his first creation Dempsey began writing in earnest. Over the next six years Dempsey wrote and created eight television shows, two feature films and one documentary series.

From 2014 to 2018 Dempsey was sole caregiver to his beloved mother, Hazel. After her passing in the summer of 2018 Dempsey prepared to follow his dream of moving west, officially becoming an LA resident in October of 2020.

Since his arrival in California Dempsey has optioned his comedy series “Inherent Problems” to a production company in Burbank, sold a horror script he co-wrote, “Spaghetti”, to LA based film company Skinfly Productions where its now in post production and attached by LOI industry notables Carrie Keagan and Denzel Whittaker to his documentary series “Love In Black and White”!

Dempsey has kept his journalistic skills up to par writing articles for “Radio Facts”, LA Journal” and most recently “Our Weekly” Magazine.

Dempsey also works extensively with background specialists “Booked Talent” and “Central Casting” His association with those agencies have lead to feature background performances for himself in the Peacock series “Mrs. Davis” and HBO’s hit comedy/drama “Barry”.

Dempsey’s storytelling skills have drawn high praise from industry professionals Jon Hersh, Charlie Osowik, Carli Haney, SK Dayne, Stevenson Green, Sarah J. Cornelius and Sundance Film Festival winner Diane Bell.

Dempsey latest project, the psychological feature film “Belle”, has generated much buzz for its “Get Out” type vibe and now has interest from multiple producers and directors.


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