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Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

By Tammi Pickle

Ah, the joy of the holidays! It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year. Here are some ideas to spread some festive cheer to your loved ones:

Planning a trip: Plan a weekend getaway to a cozy cabin, beach resort, or a charming bed and breakfast. Enjoy a getaway to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Making special memories together is one of the best gifts you could give the one you love.

Experiences: Planning an activity day such as a theater show, a cooking class, dance class, wine tasting, concert, tickets to a sports event, or day at the spa. Possibly an adventure experience like a hot air balloon ride, helicopter ride, snowmobiling, boating, or zip-lining could also be fun experiences you could have together.

Something Thoughtful: Gifting them something that said they want or need. Think of something to do with a sport, hobby, or activity they are into.

Personalized Gifts: Customized clothing, like a monogrammed robe, personalized leather wallet, or ornament. Personalized photo frame, mug, or wine glasses.

Jewelry: Everyone loves jewelry or a watch, it’s something they can wear daily and think of you. Consider their initials, birthstones, diamonds are always a hit, or something special that just reminds you of the person.

Homemade treats: Cookies and baked goods are a thoughtful and yummy gift idea.

Board games: Something you can enjoy, have fun, and do together on nights in.

Tech gadgets: Apple watch, IPad, or smart home devices.

Home Décor: Throw blankets, candles, artwork, or decorative pieces that match their taste.

Plants, succulents, or potted flowers: I personally love live plants vs. a bouquet of flowers that die in a week. Gift them a plant that will last hopefully for years to come.

Gift Cards: Not sure what to give them? Give them a gift card where they can pick out and shop for what they really want.

Chocolates, Wine/High-Quality Liquors: Give them a nice bottle of their favorite liquor, champagne, wine, and or some nice chocolates or treats.

Remember during the holiday season when gift giving it’s the thought that counts. When thinking of gifts consider their interests, hobbies, and preferences, because the thought you put into choosing something special will be appreciated.

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