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Helpful Tips For Attending the Cannes Film Festival Next Year

Louise Brix Andersen is a multilingual writer and film director. She is an advocate for women's rights and a member of several organizations working towards gender balance in the film industry. She is also co-founder and host of the group THE LEADING LADIES where she organizes monthly online meetings for the group’s female members with inspiring guests from the film industry.

Her most recent short film, THE PILL, was made remotely during the pandemic with the collaboration of 9 different countries. Subsequently, Louise wrote and published the book: REMOTE FILMMAKING, now available on Amazon.

Louise is also the creator and host of the channel: CHANGING THE NARRATIVE, a series of video conversations showcasing inspiring women from around the world.

Currently, Louise is in development for the feature documentary film, NOAH, the fiction series HE SAID SHE SAID and looking for a producer for her fiction feature film SISTERHOOD.