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Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Sheldon HS Girls Tennis 2023 Fundraiser

In the spirit of community and supporting aspiring athletes, Sheldon High School's Girls Tennis Team is rallying behind DEAMORAY NEWSOME-WILSON, one of their dedicated players, to help her achieve her dreams in the world of tennis. This year's fundraiser is not just about raising money; it's about making dreams come true.

About This Fundraiser

Fundraising is vital for the success of the Sheldon HS Girls Tennis program. This year, the team is proud to announce the inclusion of 24 passionate and talented players, and they need your support to ensure their success on the court.

The Funds: The funds raised in this campaign will be allocated to several essential aspects of the team's journey:

New Uniforms: Each player deserves to represent the team in style. Your contributions will go toward purchasing new uniforms, ensuring that every player looks and feels their best during matches.

Required Equipment: Tennis is a sport that demands precision and the right equipment. Your support will help cover the costs of acquiring the necessary gear to enhance the players' skills.

Team-Related Expenses: Maintaining a successful tennis program involves various costs, including court rentals, coaching, and tournament fees. Your donations will help alleviate some of these expenses.

Setting Goals: Each participant in this fundraiser has set a monetary goal, representing their individual needs and aspirations. Your generosity can make a significant impact on their journey toward achieving these goals.


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How You Can Help

Your support means the world to DEAMORAY NEWSOME-WILSON and the entire Sheldon HS Girls Tennis Team. There are several ways you can contribute to their success:

Donate: Every dollar counts, and your donation will directly benefit the team and players. You can make a secure donation by clicking on the following link: Donate Now.

Share on Social Media: Even if you're unable to contribute financially, sharing the fundraiser on your social media platforms can have a tremendous impact. It spreads the word and increases the chances of reaching their fundraising goals.

Thank You for Your Support

The Sheldon HS Girls Tennis Team and DEAMORAY NEWSOME-WILSON are immensely grateful for your support in making their dreams come true. Your generosity helps these young athletes not only excel on the tennis court but also develop valuable life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and determination.

Join us in this journey to empower young athletes and contribute to the success of the Sheldon HS Girls Tennis Team. Your support today can make a lasting impact on their future.


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