Heart Of Hollywood Virtual Red Carpet 2020

BE READY TO ROCK YOUR BRAND AND IMAGE AT THE VIRTUAL RED CARPET 2020 EVENT The Virtual Red Carpet 2020 event is to support everyone working or involved in the Fashion and Cinema industry. It also supports our community who are still suffering from the impact of COVID-19 worldwide. The Virtual Red Carpet event tackles head-on the challenges posed by COVID-19 to events everywhere, by enhancing its networking value by the use of a virtual platform featuring entertainment leaders and professionals from all over the world. Our Red Carpet event is going to multiply networking opportunities. Just imagine the value of a one-on-one video call with an entertainment professional – now multiply that by a thousand! That’s right. We’re going to make that possible by hosting hundreds of professionals in the entertainment industry at our event, who will be available for chatting opportunities from the comfort of your home through your computer. During the event, we will have several break-times to give the audience a chance to network, to connect with others, to ask questions directly to professionals, to arrange meetings later on – to do business! What’s in it for you? A Success Road Map! There will be many wonderful surprises during the event, special presentations, special speakers, trade secrets revealed, tips on how to succeed in the entertainment industry, tips on how to connect with the right professionals in your field of interest, opportunities to interact with professionals around the world, networking, raffles, gifts – but most importantly, the tools to create a success roadmap for your professional interests. Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others? The Virtual Red Carpet 2020 will be donating from its ticket sales to a worthy cause. The VO Neighborhood Medical Clinic in Imperial Valley serves one of the hardest hit areas by COVID -19 in California. The Clinic delivers daily free meals to hundreds of countywide patients in order to keep them home and stop the spread of the virus. Heart of Hollywood cares and this is just another way of showing it. Be ready! Dress to impress even if you’re at your computer; your image is going to go worldwide! You are attending our first Virtual Red Carpet. Be ready to be noticed by industry leaders and professionals! You will be in the history book of our company. 10 Reasons why you should be part of our virtual event 1. It’s a worldwide event 2. Eco friendly event, we don't need to create waste or contaminate the environment with carbon footprint avoiding contamination to our environment from gasoline 3. International brand exposure 4. Companies from the Netherlands, France, UK, USA, Mexico and Indonesia (to name a few) will be participating 5. Feedback from the audience will be easy to get on our virtual platform 6. Remove geographical limitations. Anyone around the world can now see your brand and become a potential client. 7. Build international business relationships. You’ll be doing business with the world. 8. It's cost-effective. One of the biggest roadblocks to event attendance is travel costs: vehicle rental, gasoline, airfare, dinners, hotel, etc. With a virtual event, the attendee only needs a computer and an internet connection 9. You’re supporting industries that you care about, cinema and fashion and you're also supporting our community. 10. Part of your ticket contribution is going to be donated to a COVID-19 clinic feeding patients with the virus for free. So, are YOU ready to Rock your Brand and Image at the Virtual Red Carpet 2020 event? Let's do this! Sincerely,

The Heart Of Hollywood Team


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