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Heart Of Hollywood Virtual Red Carpet 2020

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Staff writer

EVENT DATE  NOVEMBER 14, 2020 - 10:00 AM TO 4:00 PM Pacific Time (Tentative Time)

Attend our first Virtual Red Carpet Event, supporting fashion, cinema and our global community. We are honored to present several fashion designers and talent participating from and Germany, Uk, Netherlands, Holland, U.S, Malaysia, Mexico, Indonesia , France and Italy. We’d like to recognize all the designers that are participating in our virtual fashion show; 12 Months of Beauty, Margit Tietz, Mihaela Panaitescu, Yosep Sinudarsono, Jesus Cedeno, Untaian Asa, Sandyha Manniesingn, Berny Martin, Duc Design, Calvin Thoo, Manish Vaid, RIDZ and BaroQco Haute Couture.   This event is going to be an interactive and dynamic event will be enjoyable for all attending audiences. Join us:   9 Reasons why you should be part of our virtual event 1. It’s a worldwide event, you can maximize your networking opportunities provided by our Heart Of Hollywood Platform 2. It’s an Eco friendly event - we don't need to create waste or contaminate the environment with carbon footprint. 3. Becoming our sponsor will put your brand in front of an international audience for maximum exposure! Mail at for sponsorship opportunities 4. Companies from Germany, Uk, Netherlands, Holland, U.S, Malaysia, Mexico, Colombia, Indonesia, France and Italy(to name a few) are already participating. 5. Real Time feedback from the attending audience. 6. Build international business relationships. 7. It's cost-effective. You only need a computer and an internet connection to avoid travel costs: vehicle rental, gasoline, airfare, dinners, hotel, etc. 8. You’re supporting an entertainment industry that cares about, cinema and fashion and you're also supporting our community. 9. Part of your ticket contribution is going to be donated to a COVID-19 clinic feeding patients with the virus for free. Be ready! Dress to impress even if you’re at your computer. Your image is going worldwide! You are attending our first Virtual Red Carpet.   Be ready to be noticed by industry leaders and professionals! You will be in the history book of our company. At the event, we will be presenting gifts from our sponsors to the attending audience.   Sincerely,The Heart Of Hollywood Team Get your tickets:…/virtual-red-carpet-ticket

The Heart Of Hollywood Team

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