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Heart of Hollywood & Try It On May Giveaway

By Jessica Ross

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Portrait photography has always been an expensive and time-consuming process, with a typical photo shoot costing hundreds of dollars and taking hours to complete. But now, a new AI-powered platform is shaking up the industry with its affordable and efficient headshot solutions.

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Try it on AI is revolutionizing the way people get professional portraits taken, offering high-quality headshots for just $17 per collection of 100 images.

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An innovative AI-powered platform, Try it on AI allows people to create professional studio-quality headshots from their regular selfies, in just a few clicks. Whether you need a new LinkedIn photo, a fresh new acting headshots, or even social media content, Try it on AI is here to help. By using their AI platform, you can save time and money and get portrait studio quality photos at an affordable price. With a large collection of styles and images to choose from, you're guaranteed to find a few great ones. Try it on AI is constantly improving their platform and planning out amazing requested features, ensuring that you enjoy the Try it on experience.

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Founded by MIT Data Scientist Nathan Landman and published fashion & beauty photographer Adriana Lica, Try it on AI combines their expertise to make professional portrait photography accessible to everyone around the world. With its AI algorithms, the platform creates Hollywood, professional, casual, editorial styles of portraits, delivering images in minutes that would typically take hours to produce. The platform has already been tested with over 500 customers, including business coaches, professors, doctors, real estate agents and influencers, who have all been impressed with the results.

Try it on AI provides global access to professional portraits, with no need for a photoshoot or a professional photographer. This saves customers both time and money, as they can receive their headshots within minutes, rather than having to wait for days or even weeks. And with prices starting at just $17, Try it on AI is significantly cheaper than traditional portrait photography, which can cost hundreds of dollars per photo shoot.


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"We believe that everyone deserves access to professional portraits, no matter where they are in the world or what their budget is," said Adriana Lica, Co-Founder of Try it on AI. "With our platform, we're making it possible for people to get studio-quality portraits in minutes, at a fraction of the cost and time of professional photographers. It's a game-changer for the industry and we're excited to see the impact it will have on the world."

Try it on AI is quickly gaining popularity and disrupting the portrait photography industry with its innovative AI-powered platform. Whether you're an actor, artist, business coach, professor, doctor, real estate agent or influencer, you can now get professional portraits in minutes, without having to spend hours and hundreds of dollars on a photo shoot.

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How does Try it on AI work? ​

  1. Go to They are passwordless and only use access links

  2. Pay for your headshots

  3. Read the guidelines, select a gender for your photoshoot subject and upload 10-20 photos.

  4. The platform takes 24-72hrs to generate the images and sends you an automatic success email once complete.

  5. View all images via

​​With 100 images to choose from, you are sure to find a few favorites!

Learn more or try it out for yourself at


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Since August 2022, Jessica Ross has been a contributor at Heart of Hollywood Magazine. Recent work includes Hollywood Unexpected airing on the XOTV Network digitally and broadcast beginning April 21st and a starring role in the upcoming suspense thriller, Mr. Smith. In December, she was a lead and co-producer in "Chasing Stars", a comedic-drama reality tv show pilot with an all female cast and crew.

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Tammy  Reese
Tammy Reese
May 13, 2023

I love this!

Jessica Ross
Jessica Ross
May 13, 2023
Replying to

Isn’t it great? I love how my pictures turned out💕💕💕

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