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Have a Happy and Safe Independence Day

By Batista Gremaud

The Fourth of July is a beautiful time to celebrate the United States of America with family, friends, and fireworks. Unfortunately, that iconic symbol of Independence Day can also be dangerous if not handled properly.

Fireworks can be unsafe if misused, and many cities have laws banning them to prevent people from accidentally starting fires or injuring themselves and others. Using fireworks illegally can result in hefty fines and even jail time in extreme cases. To comply with the law and keep yourself and others safe, it's essential to only use fireworks legally.

In the United States, state and local regulations govern the legality of fireworks. Sparkling devices like sparklers, fountains, and spinners are usually allowed. At the same time, firecrackers, bottle rockets, and Roman Candles are illegal in many places. Before purchasing and using fireworks, double-check the laws in your area to be sure they are legal.

Following local laws and safety guidelines is critical to using fireworks like a responsible adult. Ultimately, abiding by the law and exercising caution is the best way to ensure a safe and enjoyable fireworks experience.

Here are some tips to ensure you and your loved ones have a safe 4th of July.

1. Use only state-approved fireworks. Unregulated fireworks that may have been brought in from other states without proper certification could be hazardous. Only purchase from a trusted dealer in your area to ensure that the fireworks you are using are safe.

2. Be mindful of your location. Set fireworks in a clear, open area free from other people, trees, and buildings. Fireworks should never be set off in areas with a lot of dry grass or brush. Read each firework's labels to give them enough space, and do not set them off directly on the ground.

3. Supervise your children. Even the most cautious parents may suffer from a momentary lapse in judgment, so don't forget to watch the young ones closely. Check they are age-appropriate for the person in charge of the show. Children should only handle fireworks with assistance from an adult.

4. Don't use fireworks if they are wet. Fireworks should never be set off when they are wet. Moisture can alter the composition of the fireworks and can dramatically increase the risk of an accident.

5. Be prepared to entertain any injured parties. Most people think of fireworks as fun on the 4th of July. Still, it would help if you always were prepared to help anyone who may have been injured during a fireworks display. Have a first aid kit on hand, ensure your phone is charged if you need to call 911, and keep a bucket of water nearby in an emergency.

6. Pick up the debris afterward. After use, it is best to pick up the waste as soon as possible to keep the area safe and clean. Thoroughly check the site for any embers that may have been left behind, as they can often ignite dry grass or other potential hazards if left unattended.

Collect casings and any other trash left behind, and place them in a bag to dispose of legally and appropriately, as throwing them away in most locales is illegal. Check with your local public works office for the correct disposal methods, or contact a local fireworks retailer for help.

It is our duty to help keep our environment as safe and beautiful as possible.


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Be Mindful of Your Dog

Dogs are susceptible to loud noise, and fireworks can damage their sensitive ears. Here are some tips to make the 4th of July more tolerable for your dog.

1. Provide a safe and comfortable place. Ensure your dog has their own space free of distractions, away from windows and noise sources. You can use a crate, bedroom, or quiet and secure area. Give them plenty of soft bedding, familiar toys, or a blanket that smells like you and blocks out noises.

2. Keep your dog distracted. Play with your dog during the fireworks, give them a favorite toy, go for a walk, or do anything else to keep them busy and distracted.

3. Close the windows and doors. Close windows and doors to help muffle the sound of the fireworks. Consider using noise-blocking curtains and blankets on the windows to reduce noise further.

4. Talk to your vet. Speak with your veterinarian if your dog experiences severe anxiety from the noise of fireworks. Your vet may be able to recommend medication to help reduce stress and provide additional advice.

Seek True Independence

True independence is an inside job - it is something that can only be achieved by creating a sense of self-sufficiency rather than relying on external sources. It is a mindset – the ability to stand on your own two feet, be confident in who you are and make the decisions that best serve your interests.

True Independence starts with a clear mind and self-care.

True independence is not necessarily associated with material wealth or power but rather an inner state of freedom. It is achieved by developing self-awareness, self-esteem, self-direction, and self-confidence. When these qualities are combined, they create an individual who can remain strong and independent, despite the circumstances they face.

True independence cannot be attained overnight but needs to be cultivated over time. To achieve true freedom, one must take control of their life – being honest with oneself, engaging in meaningful relationships, making a plan, and setting achievable goals.

Establishing personal boundaries and the courage to avoid unhealthy situations are essential to true independence. Only by taking responsibility for one's life and pursuing personal growth can a sense of true independence be achieved.

On this 4th of July, let's focus on achieving True Independence, being mindful of our environment, and caring for our pets who may suffer on that day.

How will you achieve true independence this 4th of July and improve the world we live in? Comment, I'd love to hear about it

Happy Independence Day!


Batista Gremaud is the CEO and president of Dr Fitness International, an International Body Designer, Strength Training Expert, No1 Best Selling author of Feminine Body Design, Empowering Fitness For A Pain-Free Life, co-creator of the Feminine Body Design online strength training mentoring system, co-host of the Esoteric Principles of Bodybuilding, Recipient of the most outstanding fitness program 2019 by The Winners Circle, Mastermind at Sea. and producer of Dr Fitness USA’s THE SHOW.


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