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A Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Rooftop Event Celebrating Fashion, Film, Music and More

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine hosted an extraordinary red carpet event at a no less extraordinary venue, the stunning Godfrey Hotel Hollywood rooftop bar.

Truly glamorous guests, dressed to impress, were greeted by the gorgeous MCs, Elizabeth Bebout and Cathy Hood, two of the foremost young PR people in Los Angeles.

The event featured a moving violin performance by Gabbi Music; exciting music by R&B and hip-hop artist Nakkia Gold; the presence of Siembra, a duo of musicians inspired by sounds such as Latin jazz, house, and samba, and amazing DJ music which kept guests’ energy high throughout the evening.

Erman Baradi, Ermantourage CEO, Giovanna Salas, Heart Of Hollywood Magazine CEO, Cathy Hood, PR, and R&B Hip Hop LGBTQ+ artist Nakkia Gold posing for the picture. Photo Credit: Blaine Harrington IV

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine CEO and Publisher Giovanna Salas, clad in crimson, turned heads with her beauty and charisma. Standing in front of her magazine logo, which was projected onto a neighboring building, she announced the release of the newest issue. The main photoshoot in that issue, showcasing cover model Andreea Alexe, was produced in Netherlands, Bucharest, and Paris.

Giovanna also handed out special certificates recognizing the contributions of key people to her company and to the industry itself.

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Editor Sandy Rodriguez was also present and discussed the evolution of the publication, from its beginnings in 2018 up until now.

Sandy, as well as Taylor, Tina, and Little, the talented Heart Of Hollywood Magazine video hosts, interacted with guests and interviewed many of them.

Maggie Egan-Cummings and Kathryn Hollis Peters were among the attendees. They are the forces behind Cupid Fest, a romcom showing that love can be found at any age. The savagely talented Claire Chubbuck, film director and creator of a process of catharsis through performance, was also present, as were fashion expert Leonard Espra and tech/entertainment reporter Jose Vargas Ulloa.

Photos Credit: Blaine Harrington IV

Other guests in attendance included talent agents, modeling professionals, authors, filmmakers, producers, community leaders, and other influential figures. The party was truly epic, perfect for networking, making new friends, and enjoying a memorable evening right in the heart of Hollywood.

Information about upcoming Heart Of Hollywood Magazine events:

We hope you enjoyed Heart Of Hollywood Celebrating Fashion and Film Awards! If you're sharing these fabulous Red Carpet photos, please remember to credit the photographer and Heart Of Hollywood Magazine. Thank you!

Photos Credit: Claudia Hoag

Photos Credit: Mario Ramirez

Photos Credit: Blaine Harrington IV

Photos Credit: Donna Wilson

Photos Credit: DeJean Brown

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