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Good Eats, Try Fergies Restaurant

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

K Busch If you were amongst the over 200k persons throughout the State of Michigan that lost power in a storm that occurred overnight on August 10, 2021, you are not alone. Residents of local areas were found struggling to leave their driveways and houses due to trees blown down and many received estimated power restoration for Thursday August 12, 2021 at 3:30pm EST.

Numerous businesses were affected by these outages as well including local fast food restaurants and other restaurants in the surrounding areas, so if you found yourself seeking out local places to eat due to the power outages at home with our heavily-relied upon modern day technology such as microwaves, refrigerators and stoves, you may have found yourself searching for some local dining restaurants to satisfy your food desires and necessities.

Finding myself being one of the over 200,000 persons without power as reported by MLIVE sought out alternatives to prepare a fine meal while waiting for power restoration and one of those local restaurants that I not only found to be open with power when it’s other local establishments were without is located in a small town of northern Michigan called, Standish.

Standish, Michigan is located right on US 23 and in the county of Arenac with approximately 1400 residents according to the 2018 Census.

Fergies is a small restaurant serving not only locals but also tourists and persons traveling along this route in rural Michigan. It offers indoor dining, pick-up services and even has a pick up window for those who may not want to leave their vehicle in these Covid-related times we find ourselves in, offering the convenience of a great meal and less hassle obtaining your order.

I managed to be one of the recent customers and dining guests during this power outage and managed to speak to some of the extremely friendly waitresses about the power outage and lack of establishments open due to the current outages reported by Consumers Energy.

As I anticipated they had received an increase in guests/customers and I imagine they were not left unsatisfied, as I ordered some of their cheese breadsticks to try and being a fan of those carbohydrates had found them to be perfectly seasoned and leaving its consumer wanting more.

I also tried out their nachos supreme and found it to be deserving of every penny spent on it, as it came with all the fixings and well proportioned as I was glad I brought my daughter to help me with consuming it and we still needed a “to go” box as it was a healthy portion size that leaves one with delicious leftovers to munch on later in the day when that appetite picks up again.

I also ordered a BLT pizza, being one of my favorites, it generally comes with the normal toppings of a BLT (Bacon, lettuce and tomato) sandwich but of course as the name suggests it’s in a pizza, to satisfy not only those BLT sandwich lovers but pizza lovers as well in one combined satisfying meal.


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I would highly recommend this restaurant for persons who find themselves whether passing through or visiting or even living near the city of Standish if looking for incredible pizza or Mexican-style entrees.

I found not only the food to be exquisite but also the staff to be friendly, helpful and attentive and the convenience of options in these trying times of Covid— to some may be unbeatable.

This highly recommended restaurant can be found on Facebook with a menu, directions and contact information with the link I’ll provide below:

I managed to take a few photos of the restaurant while there and encourage you to check them out and give this local restaurant some support or a try when your taste buds are craving some great pizza, breadsticks or Mexican-style dishes.

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Photo I took of Fergies Restaurant August 11th 2021

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27 set 2021

If I lived in Michigan, Kat Busch would have just tempted my taste buds along with my wanting for great service.

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