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Glitz and Glamour on the Red Carpet: Up the Tempo with Impo!

Updated: Oct 24

By Ruby Lovell

This red carpet event was an extravaganza like no other. Melrose Ave in Hollywood came alive with the flashing bulbs of cameras capturing the fashion, style and glitz of celebrities, influencers and fashion enthusiasts to celebrate the artistry of the unique Impo brand of exquisite shoes that took centre stage on this night.

Red Carpet Reporter Ruby Lovell and Event Producer/PR Extraordinaire Elizabeth Vivo shining at the event.

Photo Credit: Loyde Cordero

Set during LA Fashion Week, this event showcased only the crème de la crème of the entertainment industry with the sheer extravagance, glamour and style of the trend setters that graced the red carpet event.

The air was filled with the buzz of conversations about the innovative Impo brand of shoes and the anticipation and excitement of what lay ahead for this glittering enchanting night to remember. DJ Leon G One Tunes put our curiosity to rest as far as entertainment was concerned “I’m going to be bringing something nice hip and young for the crowd: a nice vibe, to get them excited and jumping around and get them talking; it’ll be up tempo music for sure because it’s a celebration!

Red Carpet Photos

Photo Credit: Loyde Cordero

Photo Credit : NTD TV

Singer Songwriter Kettie Munroe who promised to rock the crowd with a live performance showcasing her angelic, melodic, perfectly pitched voice, turned heads on the red carpet with her gothic punk rock ensemble complete with black lipstick and netted long sleeves that covered her hands. She certainly delivered later with an electric performance featuring songs from her Album as an Independent Artist. The crowds sipped on a variety of delicious tequila cocktails courtesy of Tequila Cabal who teamed with brand Impo: while they danced, mingled and admired the range of Imp shoes on display.

The night soon became a celebration of both music and fashion.

Our very own Founder and Publisher of Heart of Hollywood, Giovanna Salas shared her thoughts about the glamorous red carpet event and the elegant Impo shoe brand. ‘’ “Tonight we are one of the sponsors of this event for this fantastic brand of shoes Impo. Heart of Hollywood Magazine is devoted to lifestyle, empowerment, entertainment and fashion: that is why we have teamed with leading shoe brand Impo tonight for this celebration. Wearing a sparkling pair of Impo silver heeled shoes herself, she attested to the quality of this brand stating ‘I love the Impo shoe because it is elegant, comfortable and classy’’.

Video Credit: NTD TV

At the forefront of the night were Executives from the Impo brand. I caught up with a very dapper looking Jim Maloney Vice President of Impo Global Production and Marketing. When asked what sets Impo shoes ahead of so many other shoe brands, he explained “We pride ourselves on quality as number one as well as our fit and design which are excellent. Our designers work in Italy and Europe catching all the fashion trends and then they come back here to the US and put that into the Impo brand’’.

Sustainability is very important to us and our shoes are made out of vegan leather or eco faux suede made from recycled plastic bottles.

The conversational buzz of the night was that this brand was loved and worn by celebrities such as Britney Spears who first bought a pair of red platform boots and then came going back for more favouring a variety of other styles from the Impo vast range. But this brand not only appeals to young, hip, fashion icons as Jim Maloney told us . ‘’We have had white house officials wearing our shoes at inaugural events. Our brand is made for an age range of 20’s through to 50s and 60’s and that is really about the comfort of the shoe. Selling over 500 million shoes worldwide to everyday women to celebrity clients: they certainly win on style, elegance, comfort and sustainability.

The brand promised free giveaways of various ranges of their shoes for every attendee: with boxes stacked up to the ceiling they certainly delivered on their promise. ‘We want to share today, share our brand and our story of how the Impo brand has been 54 years in the making and it is now reaching out to the new generation with it’s cutting edge style, comfort and fit’’ explained Elisabeth Vivo Organiser of the red carpet Impo event and Marketing Executive for the Impo brand. It's no wonder that there was almost a stampede by ladies who wanted to grab their favourite style of free shoes that night. The hands of elegant fashionistas a

dorned with the red boxes of the Impo shoe brand were everywhere to be seen!

As one social media influencer Amberr with over 1 million followers put it, ‘it’s the style and comfort of the Impo shoe that I love and I am here to check out their new collection-it’s exciting!’’

The beautiful display of colorful shoes in every type of style with bright fuscia pink to sea blue turquoise sandals and high heels, memorized the ladies on the night. As one partygoer shared ‘‘Impo shoes are so comfortable and stand out. The good thing is that shoes are for everyday women like you and me who take the train or bus to work and then pick up the kids from school, run to a meeting. The comfort element is key in this shoe and the fact that it is made from sustainable materials makes these the biggest selling points’’.

Impo’s new social media accounts are now live: check them out @imposhoes

Also available at all major Retail Stores.


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Video Credit: NTD TV

Video Credit: NTD TV

Video Credit: NTD TV

Video Credit: NTD TV

Video Credit: NTD TV

Video Credit: NTD TV

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