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From Bestsellers to Hidden Gems: Uncover the World of Books at the Los Angeles Times Festival

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is one of the largest literary events in the United States. Held annually on the campus of the University of Southern California, the festival brings together authors, publishers, booksellers, and book lovers from all over the country for a weekend of literary celebration and exploration.

The festival began in 1996 as a small event featuring just over 100 authors and a few thousand attendees. Since then, it has grown into a massive two-day extravaganza that attracts more than 150,000 visitors each year. The festival features more than 500 authors, hundreds of exhibitors, and dozens of panels and workshops covering a wide range of literary topics.

One of the highlights of the festival is the sheer variety of authors on offer. The festival attracts writers from all genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and children's literature. Past attendees have included literary heavyweights like Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, and Toni Morrison, as well as up-and-coming authors and local favorites.


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Another popular feature of the festival is the exhibitor marketplace, which features everything from independent booksellers to major publishing houses. Attendees can browse through thousands of books, meet with publishers and authors, and even get their books signed by their favorite writers.

In addition to the exhibitor marketplace, the festival also offers dozens of panels and workshops covering a wide range of literary topics. These sessions provide a unique opportunity for attendees to learn from and interact with some of the most talented and knowledgeable writers and publishing professionals in the industry.

The festival also caters to young readers, with a dedicated children's area featuring author readings, interactive activities, and special programming designed to inspire a love of reading and storytelling in young people.

Overall, the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is an incredible celebration of literature and a must-attend event for anyone with a love of books and reading. With its diverse array of authors, exhibitors, and programming, the festival offers something for everyone and is a true testament to the power of the written word.


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Tammy Reese
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