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FluxFusion Streams is the Revolution of an Evolution in Independent Content Platforms

By DiBernardo Productions

FluxFusion Streams is a powerful entertainment platform made for content creators and fans alike. This revolutionary platform gives creators a voice while connecting fans all on one social media network.

With an ever changing world of the world going more digital, FluxFusion offers worldwide virtual streaming with endless entertainment possibilities.

We are able to stream Virtual Concerts & Events like Film Festivals, Music Videos, Feature Films, Short Films, Animations, Games, Audio Podcasts and corporate events all in one network.

FluxFusion Streams connects with audiences via Alexa, Apple TV, Chromecast, Google Podcast, FireTv, iTunes, Roku, Smart Tv's and other application programming interfaces. We are also able to target Cable, Satellite Tv and websites using our application on these platforms.

We distribute On Demand video and audio files using the FluxFusion Streams OVP network, API or social distribution service.

FluxFusion Streams has it's own built in social media platform where content creators and fans can stay connected. Artists and content creators can share learning videos, charge subscriptions and connect with other profiles worldwide.

Using 72 plus publishing points all over the world and is worldwide unlike other platforms that are just regional.

We have five data centers on over 5 continents around the world.

As FluxFusion's, Vice President of Acquisitions: Michelle DiBernardo can be contacted at

We are currently accepting content submissions. Your email must include: Poster, Trailer, Online Screener Link for Short/Feature Films and Music Video link with Cover Art for Music Videos.

For Virtual Events/Concerts please put Virtual in the subject line along with general info and dates.

Follow our DiBernardo on her Social Medias to stay up to date with her current visions!

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