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A safe place for people seeking sustained mental health

Amity is an all-inclusive, safe place where members seeking sustained mental health connect online and support each other. Together, they uplift and empower each other to thrive in life.

Amity, which means “friendship”, was created by Journey’s Dream, a 501c3 project committed to showing people the path to sustained mental health through education, programs and connection to resources.

These are no ads. No fees. It’s a true community.

During the fall of 2020, the Journey’s Dream board recognized the need for a safe online space to discuss mental health-related issues without being targeted with ads, trolled, and exposed to a population that was not always kind to people when in their struggle.

A place of support and education that was filled with a spirit of love was envisioned. With a growing number of people facing new challenges, the timing was perfect. Thanks to the incredible innovators at Mighty Networks, Journey’s Dream p