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Feel Like Royalty Every Day With Benigna Parfums

By Jessica Ross

An inspirational and transformative luxury fragrance brand based in Miami, Benigna Parfums is known for its exquisitely composed gender-neutral fragrances to inspire joy, harmony, and appeal to the senses. The brand has been capturing the world’s attention since 2018 with its’ unique blend of artistry and compelling storytelling.

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Comprising ten fragrances, there are seven parfums in the Royal Essence Collection and three are part of the Floral Trio Collection.

With every fragrance, you will experience a different feeling and be transported to a different place.

The Royal Essence Collection pays homage to the origins of perfumery and was inspired from seven of the world’s eminent royal families.

These olfactory masterpieces span across time and continents, encapsulating the essence of majestic scents from around the world. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Royal Essence Collection showcases the epitome of luxury and sustainability, using the finest natural ingredients.

Believing that every individual possesses an innate sense of royalty, the collection is designed to transform your mood and evoke a state of regal splendor. The fragrance experience is beautifully crowned with a regal crown stopper, symbolizing empowerment and taking you on an olfactory journey fit for kings and queens. It exudes an aura of extravagance, wisdom, and greatness, reminiscent of the noble rulers of the past.

Presented in diamond-shaped bottles, each fragrance is adorned with a distinctive jeweler-crafted, hand-cut crystal crown cap embellished with Ruby and Emerald Stones. Swarovski crystals encircle the 24-karat gold-plated neck, adding a touch of elegance and grandeur.

The fragrances are:

Royal Bouquet

Royal Bouquet’s bright, floral scent is crafted around the beautiful Orange Flower, a symbol of unconditional love and true sentiment. A noble bouquet of the British royal family’s favorite florals, Rose and Osmanthus opens the fragrance with majestic luminosity and assists in beautifying the reigning queen of the scent, the Orange Flower. The base of the scent is adorned in sheer elegance with addictive Vanilla Bean and creamy Musk creating a sillage fit for royalty.

Splendor Grandeur

Splendor Grandeur’s citrus woody scent opens with notes of Neroli and Orange Flower Water. The grandeur is represented with a vibrant blend of Jasmine and Musk. This rounds out the fragrance and conveys the spirit of the majestic and splendor. In the base, a cocktail of Cedarwood , Amber is reminiscent of the smoky incense which permeated through bakhoors. Splendor Grandeur is adorned with luminous modernity for all.


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Worthiness’ oriental woody scent is a luxurious communion of the noble spice Cinnamon and Pimento Leaf followed by a sensual corsage of Rose and Orris. A king and Queen's confidence is reflected through base notes of Tonka Bean, Patchouli and finished with a smokey thread of the finest quality Oud for a touch of sophistication, creating a unity of ornate and powerful wonder. A profoundly noble perfume that awakens the senses and ensures you will never go unnoticed.


Greatness’ unique floral scent opens with exquisite top notes of spicy Sichuan Pepper representing greatness balanced by a heady bouquet of Tuberose and Jasmine for an elegant floral heart. Base notes of warm Amber and Sandalwood finish the fragrance with an intoxicating richness crafting an intriguing and invigorating scent deeply rooted in Moroccan nobility. A fragrance adorned in stately power for those unafraid to stand out.

Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom’s floral woody fragrance opens with Casablanca Lily which portrays the soft and subtle grace royalty, naturally demands to be admired. The Jasmine, Orris, and Oakmoss balance out the fragrance representing royalty. A scent reminiscent of how the king and Queen flawlessly complement each other and connect the old world to the new in perfect harmony. A fragrance of love, Ancient Wisdom was blended for him and her.


Extravagant floriental woody scent opens with inviting Blackcurrant accompanied by a carnation of Rose, Germanium and Jasmine evoking an extravagantly voluptuous floral heart. The hypnotic woody base of the signature Oud note marries Olibanum and Healingwood to reveal a purifying yet sensual finish. Extravagant is an essence of captivating boldness and celebrates the opulent beauty of Oud.

Supreme Majesty

Supreme Majesty’s oriental amber scent opens with majestic grace through notes of Geranium, Rose, and Jasmine. Amber amplifies the signature note of Oud added to honor the precious role Oud plays in the everyday life of the Arabic tradition and longtime importance it holds within the royal families. Supreme Majesty is decorating wearers with alluring sensuality and a kiss of sophistication.

Did you know that the Royal Essence Stopper was inspired by the Royal Crown originally made for King George VI in 1937 and later used for the coronation of Edward VII? Incorporated into the design are the 'Black Prince's Ruby' and the 'Stuart Sapphire' stones with the prominent British royal elements and symbols.

Their second collection, the Floral Trio is a captivating array of fragrances that embodies Benigna's profound admiration for the essence of flowers and graceful beauty. Each scent takes you on an enchanting olfactory journey, invoking a sense of grace, beauty, and joy. Designed to uplift and inspire, these fragrances ignite elegance and creativity within everyone who experiences them.

Every fragrance within The Floral Trio is a testament to the artistry of perfumery, masterfully crafted using the finest and rarest ingredients. The result is a harmonious blend that evokes the true essence of floral beauty, creating an immersive and transformative experience for the wearer.

Masterfully crafted with the finest rare raw materials for those who seek out superior quality and true distinction, the perfumes contain the highest concentrated strength of exceptionally long-lasting fragrance oils.

Presented in exquisite diamond-shaped bottles, The Floral Trio is a visual delight. Each bottle is crowned with a distinct hand-cut crystal stopper, adorned with Swarovski crystals that delicately encircle the 24-karat gold-plated neck. This attention to detail further enhances the luxurious and indulgent nature of the collection.

The Floral Trio comprises three distinct fragrances, each with its own unique personality and charm:

Absolute Celebration

A bright, fruity floral designed to celebrate driving ambition, optimism, and the supreme victory of achievement. Artfully imagined as a reward for those who work hard to realize their dreams, a heady blend of Bulgarian Rose, Orris, Ambergris, Oud , Fresh Peach, Neroli Essence, Vanilla, Crystalline Musk, and Sandalwood create the ultimate expression of euphoric joy. Celebrate special moments, and make every day a celebration.

Premier Amour

A sweet, gourmand floral influenced by the power of enduring love and unbridled passion. Magnificently created to reflect memories of one’s first love, a lush white bouquet of Tuberose and Heliotrope melds with Bergamot, Tonka Bean, Clove and Rare woods to coax us to open our hearts to love and be loved, intensely and unconditionally. Remember cherished romantic moments, and inspire new ones.

Escape Velocity

A heady, fresh floral driven by the energy of creativity, curiosity, bravery and resourcefulness. Flawlessly composed to inspire the never-ending quest to master what appears impossible, dramatic notes of White Rose, Bulgarian Rose, Lemon, Bergamot, Orris Butter, Sheer Musk, Heliotrope and Resinous Woods speak to our desire to break free from what holds us back. Explore new experiences, and every day brings a victory.

As part of its charitable foundation, the company contributes a portion of its profits to a number of worthwhile causes and organizations, while selling its signature fragrances in exclusive boutiques and online. A percentage of the profits from Benigna Parfums goes to BeEagle Foundation, a non-profit STEM organization dedicated to inspiring young girls around the world. Benigna is also currently working on an exclusive $3 million, high-end fragrance to help generate revenue for several other STEM organizations.

People stop to give me compliments when I am out with the Royal Bouquet fragrance. The bottles are stunning, truly the ultimate centerpiece. I am definitely keeping mine forever. They are also refillable and reusable. You will feel like a king or queen when you wear Benigna Parfums!

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For the latest Benigna products and company updates, follow Benigna on social media at @benignaparfums or visit

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