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By Carlous Palmer

A good exotic mens scent can be that special touch that makes us a little more appealing and can range from as low as 7.00 to over $6,000.00. There are so many great colognes,however all colognes do not smell the same on everyone , our body chemistry can make some colognes smell more potent on some than on others. In this post I am going to share some mainstream mens brands and some that you may have never heard of...but no matter what...TRY will be surprised at what a conversation starter a good scent can be.

From The inexpensive mens brands and easily accessible brands like Sung and Roberto Cavalli Aqua to the pricier brands like LA La Labo by Shantal or my favorite Clive Christian,a good sent is a good sent,however a good long lasting sent that works well with our body chemistry is always better. Finding a good cologne takes a while and do not always have to be pricy, I always suggest an inexpensive everyday cologne ...Marshalls usually has a great selection, some as low as $ 7.00 and if you are really one to spare no expence Clive Christian an LA Labo are two of my favorites ,both available at Barneys or Neiman Marcus.