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El Sazon de nuestra gente: La Fondita by Hugo and Mary Torres

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

El Sazón de Nuestra Gente is a Food channel on Youtube that invites Latin restaurants to discuss their heritage, recipes, and path to create their restaurants. This Food channel promotes the importance of Latin heritage through food. In today’s review, we will bring you a small recap about their latest episode that featured the marriage of Hugo and Mary Torres, owners of a restaurant in Texas called “La Fondita.” The show comes out every Thursday on our youtube channel so make sure to add it to your calendar so you don’t miss a single episode.



At the beginning of the show, the first question the host, Markus Herrera asked them is where the inspiration of their restaurant came from. The guests then explain that “La Fondita” which, as described by them, means a small restaurant in the center of México, are very typical small restaurants that you can find in, basically everywhere in Mexico. They are small and inexpensive restaurants that serve delicious food; this is where the name of this restaurant came from. Fonditas are also well known for creating a more intimate relationship between the chef, the owner, and their clients, as they are, as I said before, small venues. La Fondita is a mixture of the food of San Luis Potosi, México, and Guanajuato. This restaurant was a dream they both had for a very long time; Hugo explains how he worked at a restaurant when he first moves to the USA, and then his wife also started working at the same restaurant when she also moved in. Still, the dream of having their own locale was something they both wanted. After a time of hard work, they finally opened their restaurant in Denton, Texas. This restaurant has something for everyone, as the owners explain. Their customers come from all over the place, from American customers and Latin customers, both of them searching for spicy dishes. This is very uncommon because not all American people are used to eating spicy food as much as Mexican or Latin People.

Another important subject discussed during the interview was that their food is 100% fresh and homemade, which is much appreciated as not many restaurants do that anymore. They also mentioned that their food is 100% Mexican food, which is quite hard to find outside of México, a restaurant that is loyal to its roots. They also explain that they make their own tortillas (which, believe me, it’s a challenging task) and that many people have come to them telling that when they eat there, it feels as if they were back in Mexico for a little while. Their biggest selling dish is “Tacos de Birria,” a dish that they surprisingly started making very recently. However, it was a huge hit among their clients.



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A little fact about Mexican food is that since 2010, it is considered UNESCO’s Immaterial World Heritage, making it one of the few foods with this distinguished recognition. La Fondita has been going on for two years, and with COVID-19, thankfully, they had even more sales than before thanks to their delivery system. A plan the owners have is to open more locales around their area. Mary also explained how their variety of dishes has motivated people who have never tried Mexican food before trying new things. Most of the time, they end up loving the fresh new food they try (something that didn’t surprise me, as all Mexican food is remarkable). The relationship with their clients is also impressive as they have created a community around this restaurant and the delicious food they create, as well as having fantastic reviews on their Facebook and Google pages. This gives out a great image and makes it clear how great this restaurant really is.

La Fondita is a restaurant that is truthful to its roots and has a commitment to quality and creating a bond with its customers, something that is very rare. It enhances Latin culture, a culture that is all about union and creating a community. So if you ever find yourself in Denton Texas, you might want to visit this amazing restaurant and try, well, basically everything.

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