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Diversity Model Agency, Embrace Your Beauty

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Diversity Model Agency is founded in 2018. There is no lie that the fashion industry lacks diversity and equality. We want to create a platform for upcoming models for all kinds of shades, shapes and disabilities. Our goal is to become the iconic agency for diversity on the runway and in the fashion industry.

We want to show the world that beauty is not set in one standard but radiates through embracing our different features.


Is it possible to rock the runway when you are disabled? Absolutely!

Whether the model is missing an arm or leg or they have to use a cane or wheelchair, we embrace your beauty. Diversity Model agency offers that platform for everybody with unique features!

How do we do it?

Every other week we give catwalk and posing classes in our studio in Beverwijk. Here we come together with the models and focus on the important key points to support them in their career of becoming a model.

The concept started a few years ago when co-owner and international model Sensemielja experienced the lack of diversity and unity in this business. Together with Daisy van der Veen & Photographer Marcel Schwab they shared the same vision and goals. Besides DMA she is also the founder of the foundation Diversity Fashion Week. This is a foundation who offers a platform for designers, models and photographers and people that love diversity fashion.

Diversity Model Agency, has collaborated with various parties such as BNN, NPO, Zilveren Kruis, Etos, GIRLZ, Glamour, Society8, Rollz, Miss Pearl Couture and various other national and international brands.We as an organization can hardly imagine how many other young individuals should look at magazines / commercials as they grow up because they wish they could see someone with their body type, or someone wearing a hijab, or with a different body type and or a limitation.

Also, if you are a fan or follower of Diversity Model Agency you will be pleased to know that the agency is collaborating with our upcoming Virtual Red Carpet Event.

Join Us: FB : Diversitymodelagency-dma IG : dma_models

Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures is known for being inclusive and promoting multicultural diversity.

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