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Updated: Nov 18, 2022

By Katherine Zammuto


I have been doing my Podcast Kat on the Loose Sex, Dating & Relationships for almost three years now, and during this period of time, I learn a lot from my own experiences in the world of dating and also from interviewing so many guests and experts.

Here are some very common mistakes women and men make when trying to find the ideal partner that you can keep from making. And avoid a lot of headaches and heartbreaks!

1 . Don’t go meet someone in person from a dating app before doing your due diligence. On this day and age, anyone can be easily identified online, so there is no shame in asking the basic questions: last name, workplace, any social media accounts, etc.…if the person is hesitating and does not want to disclose the basics with you before meeting, major red flag!

One thing I do a lot and works for me and my girlfriends, I always ask for a video call before an actual date, to see what the person really looks like, how they communicate with me, etc.…always a great idea to avoid waste of time!

2. Don’t give people you don’t know money for any reason or any excuse in the world!!

If you are lonely, talk to a friend, to talk to a relative, adopt a dog - do whatever you have to do, but there’s zero reason in the world why you would give your money to somebody you just met or you are about to meet!!!

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3. Do not make yourself too available to a new someone in your life. They will not appreciate it, they will not think, wow she’s making so much time for me, this is amazing… on the contrary, they will take you for granted , think that you are way too easily available and it will backfire.

Make yourself a priority during a new relationship and stick to your schedule and your goals – let the person fit into whatever extra time you have.

4. Common courtesy and respect that goes for both men and women: if you met someone through a dating app and said you are interested in having a relationship, delete the app after a few months into it.

It is s extremely rude to stay there and potentially one of your friends could match the person you are dating - which is what happened to me and it was awful and very humiliating! Remember to treat everybody with the same kindness and respect that you like to be treated. Dating apps are no excuse to treat people like disposable fast-food trash!

5. This one should go without saying but it’s the number one complaint out there from men and women: don’t start anything with a lie - nothing that starts based on lies will work out in the long run.

If you lie about your age, about how you look, about your weight, your height, your financial status; if you lie about your appearance and alter your photos too much, it is guaranteed that this potential relationship will not go anywhere.

Whoever you are going to meet needs to like you for you, so don’t cover it up - put yourself out there, be brave, be kind, be nice, and the right person will really appreciate you for who you are!

If you have any questions or want to share your stories, please send us an email or follow me on Instagram @katzammuto and send me a DM. I would love to hear from you!!!

Kat on the Loose – sex, dating & relationships podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, I Heart Radio.

Much love always, Kat

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