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Babalah Jr.

He needed my advice on something, or rather counseling in what had happened to him. And so we met in his neighborhood surrounding under a tree on a bench.

Let’s call him Derick because I don’t want to use his real name. I had been friends with him for some time, so, we were buddies, and we talked openly and freely on whatever topic.

As I sat looking at him, I could already see what was disturbing him from his manner. His face showed it, and the body movements as well. It’s easy for me to form a psychological opinion based on your manner and conduct, just by looking at you, and tell how severe the problem you are having is. It isn’t only psychology on my part, but a gift, too, because I have surprised many with this phenomenon. There are those who look at me and say, how did you do that? Are you a mind reader? And those that even claim maybe I am using the forces that my grandmother used to have (my late grandma, may her soul rest in peace, used the capabilities of the Jin to treat or offer solutions on peoples’ various challenges) and since I was very close to her, really, really close, some think that I have inherited all that about her. (Ha, ha)

And so, I saw what was bothering Derick. But it was something mild, not anything severe or worrying. Anyway, I didn’t tell him. I have come to refrain from telling people about this psychological opinion. You now know the reason. I don’t want to be branded the name, that Babalah? The extraordinary guy with really nice hands? (Of all the things about me, people have complimented on my hands more than anything else. Is it weird or strange? Do we have people out there who are complimented on their hands? Anybody?) Maybe this should be a topic for another time.

Derick began with a long sigh while looking at me, “babz, why should relationship matters be complicated?”

And I tell him what I always tell anyone who asks me this, “Why should it not be complicated? It is one thing on the planet that has a thousand means of inducing complications.”

He laughed at that one. They all do, nevertheless.