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Stand Out in Any Industry with New Technology Promoting Meaningful Online Engagement

A four-year-old girl inspired technology that can help the world to ditch online vanity metrics.

Illustration Credit: Isabella

This amazing little girl is the daughter of Daniel Hall, a survivor of abuse as a foster child who went on to find his soulmate and become a loving adoptive father to seven amazing children.

When it comes to parenting, Dan has often extolled the virtues of striving to understand what a child needs and listening with more than just one’s ears. One day with his daughter, she experienced a temper tantrum. Once she was calm, it became clear that she appreciated his patience and empathy. To show her love, she made Dan a colorful drawing depicting their interaction. This sweet gesture was very moving to Dan, since he realized that the real gift was the time his daughter had spent working on the picture, time she would never get back.

That led Dan to think about how the amount of time spent engaging with someone is the true metric of interest. Given that he is a 45-year tech veteran and software visionary, he decided to use that insight to create something quite interesting.

Dan developed peakAboo, a groundbreaking, patent pending analytics technology. It allows content creators to calculate how much time others are devoting time to online, something that had never been done.

Oddly, when you simply scroll past a post in your feed, most social media platforms considered that a view. This is misleading to creators, who might assume that many views equal much engagement. Certainly, many views might appeal to their vanity, but this data fails to reflect true interest.


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The company aims to provide analytics that will help the world shift from so-called vanity metrics to wiser, heart-centered reality metrics. It uses data from LinkedIn posts and livestreams to create unmatched Inspired Connections Unveiled (ICU) reports. These are a game changer, since they can instantly convert prospects to advocates by making everyone feel seen, heard, loved, and valued.

peakAboo collects and aggregates time-stamped data for any LinkedIn post or stream, saving you time, uncovering new leads, and helping you build robust revenue streams. The data is broken down to be easily understood, allowing you to take immediate action. With hyperlinks to each comment and commenter, you can now interact with your tribe with one click and cultivate connected human conversations. Tagging and celebrating your top engagers, as well as strengthening relationships, becomes easy and seamless.

When your brand establishes a footprint of seeing, loving, hearing, and valuing each other, your tribe will advocate for you. It will help you attract deeper engagement, exert a stronger influence, and, most impressively, help you stand out even in fiercely competitive industries.

Data remains safe and secure because the company does not save it beyond seven days. It is kept only as long as needed to generate a report, then erased after seven days of receiving it.

Dan and his daughter share a special bond. This sweet image is from a day that she claimed her toy animal had COVID, and they pretended to take its temperature.


In addition to Dan, who has delivered enterprise-grade solutions across municipal, nuclear, telecom, financial services, aerospace, and healthcare industries, there are other wonderful people who are a part of peakAboo.

One of them is Cofounder Nancy Barrows, named one of the Top 50 Most Impactful People of LinkedIn, suffered childhood sexual abuse and eating disorders. She has flipped the script by inspiring others as a keynote speaker. She is cohost of global award-winning twice-weekly live shows, a speech language pathologist, and the founder of The Chick With The Toolbelt, a program to help people find their voice.

Based in Maryland, peakAboo was built with no capital at all, out of love for the LinkedIn community. Founded in 2022, it was 3 years in the making. In fact, his daughter, whose drawing started it all, is now seven.


Listen to Dan Hall’s nuanced, realistic view of parenting, as well as wise insights that will be helpful to any parent in this interview with Sandy Rodriguez, Heart Of Hollywood Magazine editor and author of motivational book Choose to Prevail:


Building a brand is not easy, and vanity metrics compound this challenge by leading creators to focus on surface data and not on the living, breathing human beings that make up reality metrics. Do you want your brand to be remembered as vanity-driven? Or would you rather work with clients who think of you as family and have a loyal tribe?

Dan and Nancy, trust that peakAboo can provide you with the emotional boost that results from creating a relationship with meaningful feedback. Your tribe members also receive this boost. Feeling undervalued is one of the main reasons people leave their jobs, and this also holds true for people who might choose to stop engaging if they feel unappreciated. Yet when they receive gratitude, feel-good chemicals are released into their brains.

Vanity metrics may capture your tribe’s eyes, but peakAboo will help you capture their hearts.

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