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Candiss Hart: Breaking Rules For The Right Reasons

By Billy Montgomery

Candiss Hart has always been a rule-breaker and risk-taker, fearlessly venturing into uncharted territories. It's no surprise that she now channels that same mindset to pave her path in fashion and finance, while also helping others along the way.

At just 27 years old, Candiss is already focused on building her legacy and helping others achieve their financial goals.

"I've always had a rebellious spirit. I broke rules, but in a positive way," says Hart. "I realized that by doing so, I was breaking stereotypes and making a lasting impact." To that end, the Los Angeles native received a full-ride scholarship to UCLA, where she studied pre-law, African American studies, and theater. However, after graduation, she discovered other passions in finance and fashion.

As someone who wants to have a family in the future, Hart says being freed up to attend a child’s recital or game is something many attorneys can’t do because of the time commitment of the work involved. This realization led Hart to shift her focus to finance, where she now works as a senior broker and financial leadership development coach. Hart is passionate about educating others on how to make money work for them and bringing financial literacy to those who never had the opportunity to learn it in school.

"It's not a priority for America to teach financial literacy to its citizens," Hart says. "They don't teach it in school, but I want to liberate people with education that nobody else is really teaching."

Hart is empowering people financially and revolutionizing traditional fashion with her brand CREE ( The apparel store offers luxurious yet comfortable garments that are suitable for wearing both inside the house or outdoors. The loungewear line includes robes, tops, bottoms, socks, and caps.


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“CREE prioritizes comfort and confidence in everyday wear,” Hart says. “I am fashionable, but I cannot be put in a box. I believe others feel the same and that is the foundation of my brand.” When she's not offering advice or designing, Hart pursues her passions of modeling and acting in front of the camera. She was introduced to the screen as a featured, secondary cast member for "Sweet Life LA," a Los Angeles-based reality show produced by Issa Rae. Also, she was most recently cast in a short film. "I enjoy acting and modeling whenever I can, just for the experience, but ultimately I hope to be signed by an agency and pursue these careers more consistently," Hart says.

In addition to her creative pursuits, Hart is considering more ambitious plans including starting her a broadcast production company, launching a nonprofit organization, and becoming a sought-after public speaker. Hart says her faith is the driving force behind these goals. "Every day I learn more about God and his plans for my life," Hart says. “I am not perfect, but my mission is. Everything I've done and will do is and will be ordained."

Photo Credit: Billy Montgomery


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