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Broad Street Oyster Company, Malibu Village

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

On The Town With Richard by R. A. Stermer

An emergency run to my dentist facilitated this lunch stop. At a spot located on the back side of Malibu Village mall, next to Malibu Creek, I waited for my dentist and friend, Bob, to join me. As I waited, I climbed the little wall separating the parking area and sat on some rocks, alongside the creek, as a family of ducks glided by and fish periodically jumped out of the water into the air. This was a lovely and unexpected benefit of what most of us consider to be low on our list of favorite experiences, that is, visiting the dentist.

When Bob arrived, we sallied up to an outside line which led to a counter inside, where we placed our order. Bob said that the warm Lobster Roll, with butter, was the thing to get. I chose to accompany this with the Mikkeller Rasberry Blush Ale because the crafted paper adhesive label caught my eye and one of the staff said that she’d liked it.

We took our drinks and found a spot at one of the picnic tables set up under 2 large canopies set up in the parking lot. (We were told that this was going to continue being the setup even post-pandemic). Fine by me as I generally prefer dining outside as long as the weather permits.

Once our order was ready, we were summoned to the pick-up window by an announcement on a bullhorn.

Well, the Lobster Roll didn’t disappoint. Stuffed inside a simple soft white bread roll was a bountiful amount of delicious warm lobster dripping in butter. The homemade chips were somewhat less fulfilling but in all fairness the numbness of half my mouth undoubtedly affected that experience. The ale was not particularly memorable, but I’ve found that these fruity variants have usually not been. All in all, though, a cool spot to hang out and while away some time while grabbing some good grub.

P.S. If you need a good dentist and don’t mind a drive to Malibu just let me know and I’ll give you Bob’s info.


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