British Sensation; Musician CHLOEY ROSE is an artist on the way up, and she's not looking down.

By Bobby Leigh

Chloey Rose, Miss Great Britain Pageant.

We are here with British musical sensation CHLOEY ROSE. Chloey is a singer-songwriter, actress, and model and runner-up in the Miss Great Britain beauty pageant.

Thank you Chloey, It’s really nice that you took the time to speak to our readers and us.

Q: Can you give us a little history about your family, where you grew up and what it was like?

A: OK, thank you for having me. Well, I grew up in England, in a small fishing town, Grimsby, attached to the seaside resort of Cleethorpes. By the way, if you’re ever wanting to try fish and chips, then look no further as Grimsby has the best!

As a little girl, I spent a lot of time at the beach with my mum, dad and sister, which was near where we lived, and we always had an ice cream down the seafront!

I am so proud of my family; my mum and sister are both nurses and my dad worked at a nuclear plant and then there’s me the musical one LOL. From being young, I always had this inner feeling that I was meant to be on the stage whether it was singing, acting, or modeling. I knew I was lucky that my family continued to support my passion, they have always understood how important music meant to me and they have never stopped believing in my voice. It hasn’t been an easy road as a career, there’s been ups, downs, successes, and disappointments but I wouldn’t change it for the world and my family have always been there every step of the way. I remember how my mum went to every single competition and place I sang at. Their continued support has allowed me to develop and continue my craft as a singer-songwriter. My family is my rock!

Q: Was there anyone else in your family that was creative or musical?

A: Although my parents didn't have a music or acting background, my mum's mum and dad were extremely musical, as her mum was a singer whilst her dad would accompany her on piano. I wish I had the chance to meet her and hear her voice as I sometimes wonder If I Inherited my love for performing from her. Not forgetting, my dad has a good singing voice, we regularly burst into song together in the kitchen LOL! It's always been a happy, warm, quirky and fun home for sure! My dad's a massive fan of the band ‘The Police’, so we always end up singing 'SOS' or ‘Roxanne' which was his karaoke favorite on every holiday! I always say one day we should perform on stage together! I would love that!

Chloey Rose "Hopes and Dreams" Spotify cover

Q: When did you first discover your love of music; was it an artist or a song?

A: Well, from a young age, I found myself captivated by singers and musicians and I grew up listening to artists such as Eva Cassidy, Celine Dion, Queen, and my dad always had The Police playing, my whole family loved them all.

I can’t remember the exact moment I discovered my love for music; however, I remember how I became lost in the emotion of the music. It spoke to me, almost as if it enabled or let me to express myself in a way in which I could not without it.

There is nothing quite like it!

As a little girl, all those singing, acting and piano lessons really helped my journey as well as I got some success in talent competitions such as UK Unsigned and Open Mic UK.

As a young singer-songwriter being selected to attend the UK International Song-writing Festival held in Scotland, alongside 24 participants across the globe, was an amazing experience where I shared and created music with a lot of talented musicians providing the opportunity to work with internationally acclaimed songwriters. I believe this taught me the drive and determination to continue progressing in my singing and songwriting and never give up or change who I am as an artist.

Q: What were some of your favorite songs or bands growing up?

A: One of my favorite artists I’ve been influenced by since I was growing up is the very quirky Kate Bush. Her lyrics and music always tell a theatrical story filled with emotion. I feel her performances are always captivating which always makes her stand out against others, her talent and stage presence gave me inspiration to shape my own style and sound without trying to be like anyone else. She’s just so animated on stage, she also really helped me truly experience the power of acting out the lyrics and taking the audience on their own journey or scene of their own.

I think it’s so important to always be yourself! We are all unique and we should embrace it.

Q: Do you remember your first performance?

A: This is a bit of a funny one, I remember being on holiday abroad on Karaoke. Sounds Cheesy! Ha. At that time, I was obsessed with Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’, and I went up onto the stage to sing it. I remember the whole room became completely silent. Afterward, a lot of the audience kept coming up to mum and dad saying ‘Wow, what a voice for such a tiny person”. After that moment I knew performing was what I really loved to do, even then I could feel the emotion of the music and the lyrics. The love for singing and music is my greatest passion and has never gone away.

LOL! I also remember when I was first starting out as a singer, I entered a singing competition and won, there were 32 contestants. In the newspaper article there were 31 people in the picture, despite winning I was the only one missing as I was hidden behind a taller girl with only a bit of my hair showing. I guess my lesson is that I learned that I needed to push myself forward and become more visible.

Q: Other than singing, do you play any instruments?

A: I love to play piano; that has really helped me develop my melodies. Songwriting provides me with the creativity and release I need to explore new melodies and lyrics.

Chloey Rose

Q: Can you tell me about some of the first major bands you were in?

A: I remember setting up a band for a live radio session I had on BBC Introducing Lincolnshire, that’s the county I grew up in.

It was fabulous to perform my first original song Golden Dreams live on air with such talented studio musicians. The feedback from the radio staff was awesome, after the session it gave us such a buzz. It was incredible; right then and there we decided to enter a battle of the band's competition in nearby Lincoln. It was then so incredible to walk away from the competition being awarded the 'Most Talented Songwriter' at the Battle Of The Bands of Lincolnshire.

Chloey Rose at BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

Q: What is it like juggling your music career with acting and modeling?

A: It can be challenging; however, I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to do all three. I find it much more exciting when I am doing different projects. I always try to be as open-minded as possible to whichever opportunity comes along as you never know who you may meet, and these experiences continue to inspire new creative ideas. I also love being on an acting set with a team of people as you all are working to achieve the same goals and it’s great when you can celebrate these successes together.

Q: What sparked your interest to get into acting?

From the age of 9, I loved taking part in amateur dramatics acting in shows and this is where my love for acting came from! I first studied Drama and Theatre Studies gaining my drama A Level at age 16, went on to study performing arts at college and then gained my BA (Hons) in drama degree in Performing Arts; at University. As an actress, one memorable acting moment was when I took a leading role in the BBC Production of Lincoln 16 - Greenfields Beyond (performed in the spectacular grounds of Lincoln Castle and told the story of Lincolnshire women in the First World War).

I have appeared on screen in a bunch of films including Grimsby RV, where I received ‘Best Supporting Actress, a central role in the British Youth Film Academy (BYFA) production The Limelight as well I did a lot of short and independent films.

Q: What are some of your major influences?

My major influences in music have been inspired by artists and musicians who have struggled, experienced adversity, are resilient and keep going! I think it’s an incredible trait to have. I am also inspired by talent in others, we all have our own gifts and it’s learning to shape that.

Most of all I am influenced most by artists who remain true to their own vision, unique voice and style! I draw inspiration from artists such as the very talented Kate Bush, Adele, Lewis Capaldi, Sam Fender, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey and Lady Gaga.

As I’ve said before, I have always loved the very quirky Kate Bush, her lyrics and music always tell a theatrical story filled with emotion. I feel her performances are always captivating which always makes her stand out against others.

Chloey Rose.

Q: What is your writing process? Who do you write with or do you write alone?

I currently co-write with my musician friend Harry David who produces the music we write together. It’s always great to work with Harry, he’s very quirky like me and we bring out the best in each other when working together. I feel when we are co-writing there is always a bit of magic in the air, he’s really driven when it comes to music and he’s so focused on how we can create the next best song together! We both have similar goals in music and enjoy combining our ideas working through the lyrics and melody as we go along. I always joke about us writing a duet, as I feel it would be awesome! When collaborating we have fun especially when I’m playing with words and we often end up in fits of laughter. Cracking each other up. When writing solo, I usually experiment with certain chords and what feels right. Then I start humming the melody and the lyrics just develop. The beginnings of writing a song are always the most exciting for me because it’s the unknown and I usually just flow with the process and see where it takes me. We make a really great team so the song writing flows very easily. It’s so nice to work with someone who totally gets me.

I try to write songs naturally rather than mechanically, without forcing the structure of a song. Sometimes I choose lyrics that best express what I am feeling or experiencing at that moment into words, that will best deliver the story and imagery that I am portraying through music.

Personally, I think writing can show us the vulnerability of the writer as feelings and emotions are shared and depending on whether the content is biographical or fictional. I always maintain a little mystery around each song’s true meaning, which I believe enables people to create their own understandings and interpretations of my songs and music and what it means to them.