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Business Services for Veterans and a Fascinating Video Show about the Military

Joint Task Force-214 is a company started by two friends who were once in the military, James Felts and Marty Martinez. They are now helping Veterans thrive as business owners or business professionals. Additionally, they have created the fascinating Lounge with Legends, a video show where military legends share their stories of success and failure. People from all walks of life can find them deeply inspiring.

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Martinez describes the values and aims of the company he and Felts founded.

What is your overall philosophy for leading an organization?

We lead with the values of Be, Know, Do. Be has to do with your internal character. Lead with no whining, no excuses, no blaming. Be the model of the right thing to do. Know has to do with competence and knowledge in doing our job. We strive to be the experts in the space in which we operate. Do is the heart of be and know. We must listen and understand the situation before acting. Always do the right thing even when you don't feel like it.

How would you rate the importance of transparency in a CEO role?

It is 100% vital to be open and transparent with your company and your clients. We still operate with the principles that we learned as U.S. Army Airborne Rangers, working with elite Small Unit Teams. There is no room for miscommunication.

Can you please tell us about your company mission and brand?

Joint Task Force-214 will help make Veterans successful business owners and business professionals. The reason we started the Lounge with Legends show was to celebrate veteran success and counter the narrative that we are all broken misfit toys. Our show and our work with JTF-214 go hand in hand, because as a story-selling digital company we help our clients find the hero in their story and work on their transformation.


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What is your approach to making big-picture decisions?

Honestly, we are old fashioned guys that always start with a white board, dry erase markers, and sticky notes. We mind map it out and eventually transfer it to something digital. The other thing we employ is the Team of Teams approach from Gen. Stan McChrystal's book, which helped us get flatter, faster, and more flexible by over communicating with the team.

How do you see your company progressing in future years?

We will be the #1 Veteran-owned digital marketing firm in the next five years, because of our bespoke client services and our generous give back to the Veteran community.

What is the most important thing to you on a professional level?

Deeds, not words. The old adage that talk is cheap is one that resonates strongly with us because we have dealt with people that talk a big game but lack follow-through and action. As StoryBrand Certified Guides, our Coach Donald Miller taught us that value-driven professionals have a bias towards actions. Successful people make real things happen in the real world.

What is your message to our Heart Of Hollywood Magazine readers?

Be gentle with yourself. Be true to yourself. Be the person today that you want your children to be tomorrow. #BeLegendary.


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