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Updated: Oct 26, 2023

An Insightful Q&A With Kojo, the brainchild behind Mastermind Comics

By staff writer

1. How did the dream of Mastermind Comics come to life?

I have always been inspired to draw and trace characters from Dragonball Z as that is the show I would watch with my dad and sister in my middle and high school days. But It started when I was living in New York I would always see little to no representation of aboriginal people in the anime space and if it was it was more negative then good or bad representation or a minor role. So, I wanted to bring a different energy and space to the manga/anime world. So I started to create the first flag ship which is Afroseeds. Then I attended as a vendor at Tatsu Comic Con in Buffalo New York and the rest was history. Then I found other people who are family within the Mastermind Comics company.

2. What does MC bring to animation and manga which is unique?

Our stories will impact your lives. This has always been the principle and theme of Mastermind Comics. What makes ours very unique is the themes/messages, the characters and the cultural shift that our stories bring. We know that our stories make ripples in a large ocean because children and adults really like what they are reading and seeing from our creations. The family members in MC bring their own shared vision and create alongside me and we all support it. Our stories provide a form of escapism in different universes because of the different stories we create and people find them entertaining as well as educational.

3. Because inspiration can be found in anything or anyone, have any of your stories or characters been drawn from any of your own experiences?

Yes, the characters that MC has created are pieces of our individual souls told in stories. I am not the only person in MC that does this, the other family members do the same and people resonate with that. But because of our unique experiences that we have been through we have been able to transcribe it in a Multi-Media Output.


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4. There seems to be creative diversity found in MC, do you think that helps its appeal to such a wide audience?

Yes, it does but again we would just say it is a form of escapism into our diverse universes. People really just are attached to the stories and the characters, and they want to see more. Because we have transcribed our souls into these stories it really is shifting the culture in a positive way.

5. With MC growing in popularity as it moves into more bookstores and libraries, what do you see in its future?

I see more animations being done as well as movies created for what we are offering. I am also seeing more partnerships because of the interest in what we have done.

6. Literary works are often springboards for movies & TV shows, and can be for video games too, so can you envision MC coming to life on the big or small screen, or video games?

Oh yes, we talk about creating video games based on the stories we have told and shared. We have been approached from different industry players in this space about creating live actions/ movies based on our stories. But we definitely would like to create something to that degree or work with another company in partnership to make those types of media.

7. What are some of your favorite or unique memories associated with MC?

It has been the moments where the MC family has come together and been at different conventions presenting, interacting with the fans and we all just having a good time. Also building relationships with other creators. All of our individual families that have shown up and supported and just been there. These are just some of the memories that are so awesome. Another favorite is when children come to the table and pick up our action figures, books, or merchandise and are just super excited and then they bring their parents to come and buy our stuff so they can have the item of interest. It's moments like those that put a smile on our faces because we are making an impact on the youth in a positive way.

8. What would you like to let everyone know about the past, present or future of MC?

We would want people to know that we appreciate all the support and the fans of our works. We have more things coming in the future that will just keep you wanting to immerse yourself even further into our universes. But we got a lot of things cooking in the kitchen so apologies for the wait, but it will be worth it.


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