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Heart Of Hollywood Magazine: Call for Contributors

Updated: Jan 3


Heart Of Hollywood Magazine aims to inspire audiences. The message to readers is clear--never give up. Believe in yourself and make your dreams come true!

Our magazine offers interesting content and stories focused on the fashion and entertainment industries and related fields. We also publish articles sure to appeal to authors, foodies, travel enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, or simply anyone interested in empowerment.

Mission Statement 


Heart Of Hollywood Magazine’s mission is to help people further their career in entertainment and related fields by providing inspiration and practical advice. 

Become a Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Contributor

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine is inviting individuals working in entertainment and related fields to share their knowledge and stories with our readers.

Our readers come to us to get inspired and to find quality and interesting content.

Contributors for Heart Of Hollywood Magazine are carefully hand-picked for their relevant industry knowledge and expertise.

If you're passionate about sharing your knowledge and captivating stories with our audience, we want you on board!

Why Contribute to Heart Of Hollywood Magazine?

  1. Visibility & Credibility: Showcase your expertise and gain recognition in your field. Our global audience ensures that your insights reach far and wide, establishing your authority in the industry. With coverage at prestigious events such as the recent Festival De Cannes and others, your contributions become a part of a distinguished platform.

  2. Reach: Connect with a broad international audience eagerly seeking clear, interesting, and inspirational content. Your work will resonate not only locally but also on a global scale, making a lasting impact on a diverse readership.

  3. Platform: Enjoy a dedicated space to share your articles or conduct interviews. Heart Of Hollywood Magazine provides a prestigious platform for your voice, allowing you to showcase your work amidst a backdrop of influential industry events.

  4. Global Exposure: With a readership spanning the globe, your articles will be seen by a diverse and engaged audience.

  5. Networking Opportunities: Joining our contributor community opens doors to valuable networking opportunities. Connect with industry professionals, peers, and influencers, fostering relationships that can enhance your career.

  6. Exclusive Access: Gain exclusive access to insider information, trends, and events within the entertainment industry. Your involvement with Heart Of Hollywood Magazine ensures you stay at the forefront of what's happening, giving you a competitive edge.

  7. In-Person Networking Events: Contributors will have the exclusive opportunity to network and meet during our invitation-only, in-person events scheduled throughout the year 2024. These gatherings provide a unique chance to connect with fellow contributors, industry leaders, and potential collaborators, fostering meaningful connections that extend beyond the digital realm.

We are looking for clear, interesting, informative, useful, and inspirational content for our readers. We will credit you for sharing your articles or interviews and offer you a platform to increase your visibility, credibility, and reach.

GUIDELINES: Articles must be in English and up to 800 words in length. Articles must be written in third person (with the exception of movie, book, or restaurant reviews, which may be written in first person). No mention of politics, religion or explicit sex, please. No overly promotional content. We reserve the right to edit or reject any material, and to publish submissions on any of our platforms.

Categories: Choose from an array of exciting categories:

  • Film Reviews

  • Film Festivals

  • Couture Fashion

  • Fashion Trends

  • Celebrity Insights

  • Wellness

  • Travel Destinations

  • Styling Tips

  • Hollywood Updates

  • Events Highlights

  • Lifestyle

  • Empowerment

  • Music

  • Culinary Chronicles

  • Technology Trends

  • Artistic & Culture

  • Talent Agencies

  • Dating

Perks for Contributors: Apart from the joy of sharing your wisdom, we offer:

  • Public acknowledgment for your articles or interviews

  • Enhanced visibility and credibility

  • A complimentary one-year Heart Of Hollywood Membership

We can’t wait to read your articles! To join our select group of contributors now, register here to be consider:

Would you like to get more information please e-mail at

Become a Heart of Hollywood Member

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Reni Bifamo Von
Reni Bifamo Von
Sep 06, 2022


Have you heard this yet? "Renis How great your Art" by yours truly 🙌 -

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